Cuteness and Laughter: A Run Down of Why I Love Talia Hibbert

Back on our old blog, I talked about Talia Hibbert multiple times, as she became one of my favorite authors incredibly fast, and she is part of the reason why I opened up to contemporary romance novels again. Her novels are pure perfection, especially if you are looking for something quick and lovely, something that might (ok, very likely) will hurt you, but will also put all your broken pieces back together and make you beam by the end. She is a talented writer who makes you feel everything her characters are feeling, even if you cannot personally relate to their struggles – I mean, I’ve never been in line for the throne and viciously bullied and abused by the prince/king, but when Ruben said “we’re leaving and we’re never coming back” I felt that. (from The Princess Trap)

Furthermore, Talia’s twitter is gold, she is funny, down to earth and smart, plus she gives great recommendations; for example, I discovered the likes of Beverly Jenkins thanks to her. So hop on to twitter and give her a follow, you won’t regret it. On a side note, I’m so pleased by how well she is doing; she’s been a successful self-pubbed author, and she is now also signed to Avon, which is exciting as heck, because her and her works deserve all the love & hype in the world.

Get a Life, Chloe Brown is slated for release in November.

But back to this post – what is its purpose? Basically, this post is meant to give (1) short, spoiler free (duh) intros to the novels I’ve read by Talia Hibbert and (2) a rundown of why I adore her writing so much. Hope you’ll find this post helpful and entertaining.

Books I’ve Read By Talia Hibbert

A Girl Like Her tells the story of prickly Ruth who, being the pariah of her small town, is quite surprised and disturbed when her new neighbor, Evan, is not only sweet as heck, but also wants to feed her after realizing that she can’t cook. Dealing with the aftermath of Ruth’s relationship with an abusive ex, and being a novel that allows its prickly heroine to be cherished as she is, A Girl Like Her is easily one of my favorite romances ever.

content warning: intimate partner violence, harassment

Damaged Goods follows Laura, who has recently separated from her abusive husband and who is looking forward to having the chance of finally concentrating on herself and her soon-to-be-born baby. Moving to her family’s old holiday home comes with a surprising complication, however – Samir, Laura’s first love, still lives here and he’s fully ready to woo Laura all over again.

content warning: domestic abuse

Untouchable is about Ruth’s sister, Hannah, who becomes the live-in nanny of Nathaniel, a widower who’s recently moved back to their small town… and who also happens to be Hannah’s teen crush. If you’re worried about the relationship, don’t be. While employer-employee relationships can easily be problematic, Talia Hibbert deals with this like a pro, making the characters aware of the inequality of their positions and laying clear rules and boundaries. A+ as always.

content warning: depiction of depression and anxiety

That Kind of Guy follows Rae, who really wants to attend the award ceremony she’s been invited to… but she’d rather not arrive on her own, while her ex-husband is parading his new wife around. Enter Zach, an all around supportive and lovely friend, and voila! Rae has a (fake)boyfriend for the weekend… but what happens when their feeling become too real?

PS: Zach is demisexual, which I’ve rarely seen depicted, especially in romance

content warning: mental abuse/manipulation done by mother and husband

The Princess Trap is so wholesome, I cannot. *cries* It follows the journey of Ruben and Cherie and involves a! fake! relationship! (aka best trope ever). After Cherie and crown-prince Ruben are caught making out by the paparazzi, Ruben makes an offer to Cherie that she can’t refuse, and becomes his pretend-bride. The only problem? There are some very real feelings bubbling under the surface.

content warning: abuse, including abuse of a child

Merry Inkmas, unsurprisingly, takes place a bit before and during Christmas time, and it features a well-known but still enjoyable as hell trope: the golden hearted bad boy. Also featuring a no strings attached relationship – we all know how well that will work out for them, huh? – Merry Inkmas is a precious and fun novel that should not be missing from your Christmas to-read list.

Wanna Bet follows long time best friends Jasmine and Rahul, who are so supportive and caring and argh, I just love them. Only thing is, Rahul has been in love with Jasmine for a very long time, and while he’s dealt with his feelings, because Jas does not do relationships, all bets are off when she is forced to move into Rahul’s spare bedroom. Forced proximity! Friends with benefits! Best friends to lovers! Wanna Bet has all that! On a side note, this is probably Talia Hibbert’s most angsty novel to date, so if you’re into that? Start here.

content warning: dependence on alcohol, parental abandonment, parental death

Mating the Huntress was released before Halloween of 2018, and oh my, is it the fun paranormal romance we all deserved! It features a werewolf and a werewolf huntress as love interests, and it’s exactly as fun and entertaining as one would expect from that description. Basically, he is all “I love this woman SO 😍 MUCH 😍” while she is trying to figure out how to murder him. OTP material right there, friends.

Why I Adore Talia Hibbert’s Fiction

Her titles are full of sexy, cute and fun scenes, while she also goes deep inside the characters’ lives and problems and broaches subjects that may be helpful for readers as well. Leaving an abusive husband, struggling with past abuse, being harassed and bullied… these are all things real people deal with, and I’m so so SO happy to see them reflected in such a raw and honest way in Talia Hibbert’s novels.

The inclusiveness of Hibbert’s novels is important to note as well. Her books contain #OwnVoices black representation and she frequently gives the stage to (confident!) fat heroines, as one should. Not to mention that she has introduced a slew of diverse supporting characters into her novels. As such, these novels feature realistic characters and scenarios, which makes it easy to get lost in the story and to adore these characters. Speaking of representation Ruth of A Girl Like Her is autistic (#OwnVoices); of this you can read Talia’s thoughts in this interview.

As I mentioned at the beginning of my post, Hibbert’s novels are also noteworthy because they are so captivating, so full of life that I was barely able to put them down. And even after I finished them, I kept going back to reread my favorite parts, because I grew so fond of the characters. A Girl Like Her is my favorite novel by the author, and as such, I’ve reread it thrice already – I love rereading, but this is extraordinary even for me. I just… I love these books and this author so darn much!? Wanna Bet is the angstiest novel of hers, and I usually hate angst with my whole being, but this novel? I have all the love and appreciation for it.

Some fun and interesting articles and interviews written by and featuring Talia Hibbert:
  • She talked about her newest title, Get a Life, Chloe Brown (coming 2019 Nov. 5) on EW, sharing, among other things, why she included a chronically ill heroine (#OwnVoices) in the novel. READ ME!
  • She discussed the portrayal of autism, depression, the inclusion of lgbtq+ characters and the importance of family in her Ravenswood novels on Corey’s Book Corner. READ ME!
  • In an interview at Lacy Literacy she talked about her earlier books, how she started writing romance and what kind of romance novels she writes/she is interested in writing. READ ME!
  • For authors – she shared all that a year of self-publishing taught her on Frolic. READ ME!
  • She appeared on the Smart Podcast, Trashy Books podcast to discuss some of her work. LISTEN TO ME!

If I’ve piqued your interest, please consider supporting Talia Hibbert through purchasing her novels, and don’t forget to subscribe to her blog and to follow her on goodreads and twitter. (Also, I rarely subscribe to newsletters anymore, but hers is 1000% worth it, and you can do so on her blog.)

18 thoughts on “Cuteness and Laughter: A Run Down of Why I Love Talia Hibbert

  1. I haven’t read much Hibbert, but I agree that her Twitter is gold! I read A Girl Like Her and while I enjoyed it, I thought the setting was a bit confined. I’m hoping to read the other books in the series too!

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  2. Chloe will be my first Hibbert book, and I am very excited about it. I have heard a lot of fantastic things about her book, and the story fun and exactly “my kind” of romance.

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  3. Hi Veronika, it’s been a while 😀 I’ve never heard of Talia Hibbert honestly, but I love romance novels! They make me swoon! I have to admit the covers aren’t really my style, but the books’ descriptions sound intriguing. Also I love that she’s into diverse representation because that’s what I believe literature is for. ❤ I'll be looking up on her in Goodreads to see her books HAHA. I'm glad you enjoyed them, maybe I will too! ❤

    Jillian @ Jillian’s Books

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