Three Superb Movies of 2019 So Far

Hello friends! I love going to the cinema and especially in case there’s a movie I’m (1) super-excited for, (2) want to support I always, always try to see it in the theaters. You especially gotta love Hungarian theaters, as they are practically empty during weekdays. That means that there is very little chance you’ll have a stranger sit next to you, and you can discuss the movie with your friends without anyone shushing you.

The three movies mentioned in this post I went to the cinema to see, and was impressed by each and every one of them. Some blew my freaking mind through the roof, while others were “only” solid as opposed to spectacular.


I’m 99% sure everyone with a social media account has heard of Us, but just in case you haven’t, or you aren’t fully sold on it yet, let me scream about this masterpiece of a movie a bit. Us plays with the idea of a person hunting you down to murder you – and not just any person, it’s someone who looks just like you. It’s a decidedly creepy concept, and one that does not disappoint; which is probably no surprise to fans of Peele’s first movie, Get Out. Still, Us received some lukewarm reviews, particularly from casual movie-goers (= not critics) which is baffling to me, because I (= clearly not a professional in the field) found it spectacular from start to finish. For what it’s worth, I watch a ton of horror movies, and Us would certainly land in the top quartile.

Little List of Thoughts:
  • The scares are pretty solid – no, I wasn’t shaking in my seat, but I was very much affected by what was happening on the screen.
  • The atmosphere was tense and suspenseful; it was hard to predict what was going to happen next, and due to how captivating the movie was, there really was no chance to sit and reflect on what has happened and what might happen next.
  • The acting is A+, with characters who are easy to like, root for and laugh with – they feel authentic and realistic, because the cast delivered stellar performances. In particular, Lupita’s performance is highlight worthy – both as her “twin” and her “real” self, she kills it.
  • The visuals are rich and gorgeous, which, again, is no surprise. Us works from a considerably bigger budget than Get Out did, and as the former was already a visually pleasing experience I didn’t expect anything less from Us.
  • The symbols and hints at what is to come are top-notch. After you watched the movie, I highly recommend looking up some articles/videos on some of the finer details you may have missed – they certainly blew my mind.
  • For fairness, I do have to admit that if you pick at the plot, there are certainly some plot holes hiding in plain sight, as well as some unanswered questions. However, I didn’t mind that at all – I felt we were given enough explanation for the movie to make sense and be enjoyable while being left with enough unclear details to make up our own theories. I firmly believe that horror and thriller are genres that should make you think and question, not hand you its all plot in a neatly tied package. Also, side note, but if you say shit like “I have never seen a movie with so many integral plotholes” then you, my friend, haven’t seen that many movies.

Captain Marvel

Damn, Captain Marvel had me bloody excited – the first female led superhero movie of Marvel promised to be, well, marvelous. (I’m so sorry, I’m ready to exit right now.) I obviously went as soon as I could, and I was, for the most part, satisfied with the movie. It wouldn’t make it into my top three superhero movies – which is a right bloody shame, because it’s not even like I’ve seen that many – and I do believe Marvel could have done something truly special here, they just chose not to.

Little List of Thoughts:
  • Brie Larson is phenomenal as Carole Denvers; her performance was strong and believable. I’m confused why people thought she wouldn’t be good enough, or that she is lifeless, when in fact, she does a fantastic job of portraying Denvers in all her complexity – she cries, she laughs, she struggles, she perseveres. Overall, Denvers story is an empowering tale of a person coming into her powers, and it is that in the most part because Larson does her job really fucking well.
  • The supporting cast is note-worthy, as well. Samuel L. Jackson brings the chuckles, while Lashana Lynch is the heart of the movie, both are giving us authentic performances and their characters are to be cherished.
  • While the story doesn’t compare to Black Panther or Ragnarök, it has its own charm and it’s certainly enjoyable and fun. With all that said, it would have served the movie to go deeper into the history of the Kree and to work on the world-building a bit more. The somewhat abrupt start meant that it took me a few minutes to truly get into the movie, but my overall enjoyment of it wasn’t damaged by this.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Despite featuring two significantly different superhero flicks in this post, I’m not exactly what you’d call a fan of the genre; I’m more of a thriller, horror and mystery person, with the occasional fantasy or romcom thrown into the mix. Spiderman in particular is no favorite of mine, so I wasn’t exactly pumped for this. However, I caved in and purchased a ticket to see Spider-Man: Inte the Spider-Verse; in part because I enjoy animated movies as much as the next person, and in part because tales of Spider-Verse’s unique spin on comic book animation had my curiosity piqued. And, lord, I certainly wasn’t disappointed! Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is a worthy addition to the world of Spiderman adaptations for multiple reasons.

Little List of Thoughts:
  • The animation deserves an A+++. Truth to be told, the film is gorgeous from top to bottom, but it is the comic book elements that further elevate the movie; I haven’t seen anything like that on the big screen.
  • Miles’ character development is so captivating to watch – we have a teen here, with normal teen problems, who suddenly develops special abilities, which turn his life upside down. His rode to becoming a hero is further hindered by the fact that other versions of Spiderman begin to arrive, all of whom are well-versed in their abilities. Imagine being a teen who has to master their abilities while simultaneously being confronted by the fact that there are numerous others who are just so much better at this than he is. It’s daunting, but Miles does wonderfully, consistently developing his skills whilst his confidence is also growing. A+ character development.
  • The story is fun; sure, it’s also tense and exciting, as well as heart-wrenching at parts, but at the end of it, I was beaming so much my face hurt. These characters are charming as fuck, their stories, their interactions, their everything is just so enjoyable to watch. I’m kinda really hoping we’ll get to see Miles again, because I need more of this kid.

Let’s chat!

Have you seen any of these movies? What were your impressions? What have been your favorite movies of 2019 so far?

10 thoughts on “Three Superb Movies of 2019 So Far

  1. I’m surprised I’ve seen all of these and I agree! I know a lot of people didn’t like Us because it wasn’t like Get Out, but I’m happy Peele won’t let people put him in a box!

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  2. I’m excited to watch Us but because I’m a chicken I like to watch horror movies at home so I can pause them. I’m so happy to hear that this movie has such stellar performances and uses symbolizes to drive home the story. I think too often in our movies today they spoon feed us what the movie is about instead of letting the movie speak for itself. I’m not much of a superhero movie fan, but I am always happy to hear that the movies are acctually good and worth watching instead of franchise fluffers. (Also thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I love your blog so far and will be subscribing through email!)

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    1. I hope you’ll love Us when you watch it! It’s totally valid that you only feel comfortable watching horror at home 🙂 I fully agree – and I think people have gotten used to being spoon fed all the answers in detail, which is why more symbolical, complex movies like Us don’t work for many. I’m glad that movies like this exist. Thank you, I’m so glad you enjoyed your stay at W&W, and we’ll hope to see you again 🙂


  3. I love this list, Veronika!! I haven’t seen Us (I’m too fragile for horror movies haha), but I’ve heard amazing things about it and I love Jordan Peele! And Into the Spiderverse was SO so good; the animation was breathtaking, as well as the story and characters. I also liked Captain Marvel as well! Not a favorite, like you, but still entertaining enough for me haha.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t think it’s THAT scary haha, so it may work for you, but it’s totally okay to not like horror. 😀 Agreed – Into the Spiderverse exceeded my expectations, and it was so gorgeous to watch. Also, agree about Captain Marvel – not the BEST, but certainty fun. 🙂

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