Book Reviews

Ali, S. K.: Love From A to Z
Ancrum. K.: The Weight of the Stars
Bérubé, Amelinda: Here There Are Monsters
Bray, Libba: The Diviners
Coates, Darcy: The Carrow Haunt
Chim, Wai: The Surprising Power of a Good Dumpling
Danforth, Emily M.: Plain Bad Heroines
Daria, Alexis: You Had Me At Hola
Dayton, Arwen Elys: Stronger, Faster and More Beautiful
Golding, Melanie: Little Darlings
Gonzales, Sophie: Only Mostly Devastated
Hibbert, Talia: Get a Life, Chloe Brown
Hoang, Helen: The Bride Test (The Kiss Quotient #2)
Jalaluddin, Uzma: Ayesha at Last
Janz, Jonathan: The Dark Game
Jemisin, N.K.: The Fifth Season
Kemmerer, Brigid: Letters To The Lost
Klune, T.J.: The House in the Cerulean Sea
Mafi, Tahereh: A Very Large Expanse of Sea
Muir, Tamsyn: Gideon the Ninth
Parker, Lucy: Headliners
Rogerson, Margaret: Sorcery of Thorns
Ruby, Laura: Bone Gap
Sager, Riley: Lock Every Door
Sanderson, Brandon: The Final Empire
Wilsner, Meryl: Something To Talk About

Mini Reviews

Books Outside of Our Comfort Zone
Books We Had High Expectations For
Contemporary Romance Mini Reviews
Four Books, Four Conflicts: Mini Reviews and Musings
Mini Reviews of Two New Favorite Romance Novels
Two Favourite 2020 Releases
2020 Mystery-Thrillers Releases
Thriller and Horror Mini Reviews

“Why I Love” Posts

All the Reasons I Love Alyssa Cole’s Reluctant Royals
Cuteness and Laughter: A Rundown of Why I Love Talia Hibbert
(The) Green Bone Saga by Fonda Lee
London Celebrities by Lucy Parker
Market of Monsters by Rebecca Schaeffer

Getting Wordy: Discussions and Ponderings

All My Thoughts on DNFs
Am I A Bad Reviewer?
Blogging: Things I Love and Things I Hate
Changing My Opinion: How I Feel About People On Book Covers
Dear Authors, Pls Stop: Things I Wish I Wouldn’t Have To See in Books
Did The Hunger Games Hold Up After Our Reread?
(A) Discussion About My Comfort Characters
Do Books Have an Expiration Date?
For the Love of Contemporary
Friendships in Books
Have I Fallen Out of Love With Writing Reviews?
Have YA Prices Gotten Out of Hand?
How I Avoid Blog Burn Outs
How To Get Out of a Blog Burn Out
Leaving Books Unrated
Losing Interest in a Favorite Author
My Library and Me
My Library Surprised Me! Did It Work?
My Problem With Muslim Rep in YA – and Why I’m Hyped for Love from A to Z by S.K. Ali
My Problems With the Romance in Shadow and Bone
My Reading Taste: A Walkthrough of My StoryGraph Stats
Myth of the Blank Slate
Two Perspectives on Smashes By Junji Ito
What Makes a Character Strong?
Would I Stay in a Haunted House Overnight?
Would You Give a Second Chance to Authors Whose Work(s) Disappointed You?

Post Series

Rereading My Favourite Books of the Decade: Part 1
Trying Books With Bad Average Ratings: Part 1 and Part 2
The Worst and Best Reads of the First Half of 2019
The Worst and Best Reads of the Second Half of 2019
Five Star Predictions: Predictions and Results (Part One) , Predictions (2)
2022 End of Year Posts: A Reflection on Our Year, Best Adult Books, Best YA Books, Worst Books & Best Non-Books

Bookish Lists

An Intro to Romance With 40 Romance Recommendations
(My) All-Time Favourite Pieces of Media
(The) Best Opposites Attract Couples
(14) Books I Read Because of Veronika
(21) Books I Want To Read in 2021
Book Inspired Hobbies I Wanted To Try
Book Maths: This Book + This Book = This Book
Book Series I Tackled in 2018
Books For Every Kind of Paranormal Being
Books With Artist Characters
Books With Incredible Families
Books With the Best Plot Twists
(A) Bunch of Bookish Coincidences
Cheated and Deceived: 5 Kinds of Plot Twists I Don’t Like
(The) Cutest Christmas Books For the Holiday Season
Excellent Hate-to-Love Romances
Ex-Favorite Authors I’ve Fallen Out of Love With
Extremely Specific Tropes I Like And Dislike
Eye-Catching Opening Lines
Fanfiction Tropes I Love and How They Appear in Published Books
Fantastic Friends To Loves Book Recommendations
(4) Fantasy Series I’ve Recently Tackled
(My) Favorite 2019 Book Releases
(My) Favourite Books With Blue Covers
(My) Favourite Books With Under 1000 Ratings
(My) Favorite Comfort Reads
(My) Favourite Playstation Games and Books To Go With Them
February and March Most Anticipated Releases
Five Star Predictions: Seven Novels I’m 99.99% Sure I’ll Adore
Galentine’s Day Quiz: What Book Should You Read?
Getting Personalised Recommendations From The StoryGraph
(My) Goals and Challenges For the New Year
Halloween Appropriate Recommendations To Read, Watch and Listen To
Highlight Worthy Novels I Haven’t Reviewed
Holiday Gift Guide For Book Lovers
How I’ve Gotten Into Audiobooks (Tips and Recommendations)
How to Read More: 12 Tips & Tricks by 6 Bloggers
I Read and Reviewed My Co-Blogger’s Favorite Books
Lies You May Have Heard About Reading
(7) Lighter, Non-Spooky Reads
(A) List of Books To Try If You Enjoy Black Mirror
(30) Marvellous Mystery-Thriller Book Recommendations
Matching Books With Some Old Kids’ TV Shows
Miscellaneous Matches: Pairing Books With Anything Else
New Releases We’re Unbelievably Excited About
Nightmare Dystopias Less Terrifying Than Reality
(My) Pet Peeves in Reviews
Predictable Mysteries (That I Loved Anyway)
Post Ideas I’ve Scrapped
Ranked: Every Book By Emma Mills
Ranking and Reviewing Alice Oseman’s Novels
Ranking and Reviewing Fredrik Backman’s Novels
Ranking Required Reading
Reading the Biggest Books of 2018
(10) Reasons Why I Love My Favourite Books
Recommending Books Based on Fearless (Taylor’s Version) by Taylor Swift
Recommending Books Based on Folklore by Taylor Swift
Recommending Books Based on Evermore by Taylor Swift
Recommending Books Based on My Favorite Albums
Recommending Books For Popular (And Not-So-Popular) Aesthetics
Recommending Movies to My Favourite Book Characters
Recommending My Favourite Books With Yearning
Recommending My Favorite Audiobooks
Recommending My Favorite Audiobooks Pt 2
Recommending Some of My Favorite Atmospheric Books
Revisiting an Old Post: Do I Read What I Say I’m Going To?
(A) Rundown of All The Spooky Books I Read in October
(44 of) Sabrina’s Most Anticipated Books for 2021
Salty Seven: 7 Bookish Things I Hate
(25) Sequels I Want To Read Before I’m 25
Short Reads For The End of the Year
(5) Signs You Should Take a Reading Break
Specific Things I Want To Read Less Of
Specific Things I Want To
(27) Splendid Short Books That Could Help You Complete Your Reading Challenges
(Seven) Sunshine + Grumpy Character Pairings
(Seven) Superb Second Chance Romances
Talking About Book-to-Movie Adaptations
Things That Can Make Me Dislike a Character
Tier Ranking All The 2020 Releases I’ve Read
Unattractive Book Covers That Hide Fantastic Stories
(Eight) Unpopular Character Opinions
(7) Unreliable Narrators You Don’t Want to Miss
(21 of) Vera’s Most Anticipated Book Releases of 2021
When a Character Really Screws It All Up
When the Hype Lies: Popular Books I Found Disappointing
Why You Should Read These 15 Books I Didn’t Love

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Auto-buy Authors You Should Check Out
(The) Best Bookish Friendships
(The) Best Tropes in Fiction
Books We Loved Growing Up
Books We Think We’ll Adore
Cover Changes We Love and Hate
Favorite Fictional Characters From the First Half of 2019
(The) Lowest Rated Books I’ve Read
Mesmerizing Settings We’ve Encountered in Books
Short Books on My Winter TBR
Things That Always Comfort Me

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An Appreciation of My Favorite Book Bloggers
Answering Bookish Questions (ft. the Sunshine Blogger Award)
(The) Best Things About the Community & Recent Favourites (Sunshine Blogger Award)
Celebrating Female Authors with the Women’s History Tag
Celebrating Our Love For Taylor Swift with the Lover Book Tag
(The) Co-Blogger Tag – Who Is Most Likely To…?
(The) Good Reading Habits Tag
Happy 6th Blogiversary To Us & We’ve Created a Tag!
I Should Have Read That Book Tag
My Feelings About Blogging, Ratings, and a Couple of Fun Facts About Me
(The) No Disclaimer Book Tag
OMG That Song! Book Tag
Our Favorite and Most Disappointing Books of 2020 So Far
(The) Stay At Home Reading Rush (TBR & Tag)
(The) Stuck At Home Book Tag
(The) Taylor Swift Album Challenge
(The) Taylor Swift Book Tag
Tough Choices With the Would You Rather Book Tag
(The) Waffle Book Tag
We Talk About Bookshops, Authors and Our Goals in The Bookish Bucket List Tag

TV and Movie Related Content

A Dose of K-Dramas: First Quarter of 2019
Comic Gold: K-Dramas That Had Me in Splits
My 2021 TV Watchlist
My Nine Favourite Disney Movies
My Thoughts on the Shadow and Bone Netflix Adaptation
Podcasts I’ve Listened To Recently, ft. Disappointments and Recommendations
Recommending My Favourite Podcasts
Three Superb Movies of 2019 So Far (ft. Captain Marvel, Into the Spiderverse and Us)
(70+) Titles You Can Watch on Netflix Right Now
Top Notch Television: Three Shows to Put on Your Radar
(Eight) TV Shows I Want To Watch in 2020
We Watched Four Different Horror Movies
When the Hype Lies: Popular Movies I Did Not Like

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Favorite Musical Artists