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10 Dark Books I’ve Read Recently

Happy Halloween season everyone!  It’s Sabrina here, and in today’s post as part of Wordy and Whimsical's Spooky October, I’m sharing my thoughts on a whole bunch of books that have the word “dark” in the title!  You may remember that a few months ago I accidentally made an entire TBR based on this prompt,… Continue reading 10 Dark Books I’ve Read Recently

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Favorite Horror Tropes

Hey everyone! We hope you have been enjoying Spooky October as much as we have! 👻🎃 Today we welcome another fantastic guest poster, Tasya from The Literary Huntress! Tasya is a fan of lots of genres and mediums, so you always know you will find something interesting and unique on The Literary Huntress. So today… Continue reading Favorite Horror Tropes

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Matching 20 Books To 20 Spooky Songs

Hi, it’s Sabrina and welcome to another instalment in Wordy and Whimsical's Spooky October series!  For today’s post, I’ve decided to put a Halloween spin on a post type we’ve done a few times on the blog - matching books to songs.  I picked a whole bunch of songs (20, to be exact!) that I… Continue reading Matching 20 Books To 20 Spooky Songs


September Wrap Up, ft. Good Reads and Not So Good Films

Hello friends! Another month has gone by, which means that we're finally entering one of the best months of the year: October. I can't wait for all the spookiness to come this month... particularly for the spookiness that's coming to you on Wordy and Whimsical, courtesy of a few blogger friends and ourselves. 👻 Before… Continue reading September Wrap Up, ft. Good Reads and Not So Good Films

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Blog Post Ideas That I Discarded

Hi there, it’s Sabrina again, and I’m here to talk to you about some post ideas that I’ve decided to discard!  I did this once last year and it was fun to put together and a good way to ensure my half-baked posts didn’t go to waste, in my opinion.  There have been several posts… Continue reading Blog Post Ideas That I Discarded

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Reading Multiple Books At Once

Hello, it’s Sabrina!  A couple weeks ago, I wrote a post about all the books I was currently reading at the time, complaining that I wasn’t loving many of them.  Well, fast forward a couple weeks and I’m still reading a lot of books at once, but I’m back to enjoying myself again!  So, today… Continue reading Reading Multiple Books At Once

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8 Sunshine + Grumpy Character Pairings

Hello friends. It's Vera here today and I'm back with a recommendation post. This time I brought you books that contain the sunshine and grumpy trope / character pairing. As the name suggests, a relationship like this contains a character that's all sunshine and softness, and another character that's grumpy and skeptical. I love opposites… Continue reading 8 Sunshine + Grumpy Character Pairings

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Everything On My Currently Reading Shelf

Hey everyone!  Sabrina here.  I’m dealing with a bit of a problem right now, so I want to chat about it with you - it’s nothing serious, as you can tell by the title of this post, so don’t worry!  I’ve only recently come out of a reading slump, but now, I have a new… Continue reading Everything On My Currently Reading Shelf