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Hello friend! 👋 I’m Veronika, the creator of Wordy and Whimsical – or rather, the predecessor of W&W, first called Reading Is Dreaming With Open Eyes (terrible name, but when I was 17 I thought I was so smart) which Ruzi and I later renamed The Regal Critiques.

I’m a 20-something bookworm, currently working on getting my MA in English Studies. Of course, reading is a massive part of my life, but I also love a good movie or tv show, and I simply adore the theater. It. Is. A. Magical. Place, I tell you. ✨

I am, however, a big supporter of the idea of official recordings for Broadway/West End/etc. theater productions – the elitism and exclusion that comes with the ticket prices makes me angry.

As for my reading taste; I’ve been working on finding a balance between reading YA – a genre that, I think, is quite prosperous, with many diverse voices at the moment – and giving a chance to novels for other age-groups. Other than that, I’ve been progressively opening up to genres I’ve been neglecting, such as non-fiction. At the moment, my favorite genres include romance, fantasy, and mystery-thriller.


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Hey there! I’m Ruzaika, a 20-something human bean from the island of Sri Lanka. I’ve been labeled as a bookworm ever since I discovered Enid Blyton in fourth grade and contrary to popular belief I think it’s something cool. Being called a bookworm, that is.

Reading and listening to music (Taylor Swift and Tamil music mostly, tbh) are what keep me sane and it’s once in a blue moon that either of these fail to fix my mood. I got into watching K-dramas fairly recently and I have to say I’ve never been happier about falling down such a rabbit hole ever before. Do feel free to hit me up if you’d like to talk about books, Taylor Swift, Kollywood or K-dramas!

I’m an Applied Psychology postgraduate and just started working, which means less time for reading + blogging, and so I’m currently on a hiatus for the sake of my sanity. Though not a huge fan of social media in general, I’ve been known to frequent Twitter, Instagram and Goodreads, so you can still drop by and say hi to me @ notyourhijabi on these sites!

That was enough of an introduction I guess. To sum it all up, I’m a dreamer by birth and drama-queen by design. Delighted to meet you xx


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Hey! I’m Sabrina and I am another twenty-something reader. I’m from Melbourne, Australia – so, one of the cold parts of an otherwise hot country, much to my dismay. I’ve always loved stories, and at some point in my childhood, that love manifested itself in a deep appreciation for reading books.

I read exclusively young adult novels for many years, but I’ve been reading more adult books in recent years. My favourite genre is probably fantasy and I am always on the lookout for my next favourite thriller novel. I am always open to recommendations.

Aside from books, I also enjoy a multitude of tv shows and movies. I’m not well-versed in video games, but you’ll find me playing my favourites fairly often (it happens in phases) and I’m a beginner at watercolour painting. I’m also pretty interested in wildlife and flowers and am trained as a florist. Basically, I have a lot of interests, so if you share any of them – or if you have a story about any of them – I would love to hear from you!

We’re happy to have you here!