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14 Books I Read Because of Veronika

Hey everyone, it’s Sabrina and today I’m talking about a bunch of books that I’ve only read because Vera recommended them. Some were recommended directly to me, and some were just recommended in general – and I am so grateful for it.  As we’ve both mentioned before this year, we tend to enjoy the same books, so it’s no surprise that I have loved pretty much all her recommendations.  We have 14 books to cover, making this post a long one, but hopefully that just means there’s a higher chance you’ll find something you’re interested in!  Let’s go!


🌺 I read this as part of a challenge the two of us did to read a favourite book of each other’s from the last decade that we thought the other would like.  You can check out our experience and our reviews for that in this post.
🌺  This book is a YA contemporary full of grief and loss but is ultimately hopeful and inspiring.
🌺  I loved so much about it, but my favourite part has to be the characters and their relationships with one another.  There are so many kinds of relationships explored in the book and I thought they were written truly realistically.
🌺  I ended up really adoring this book and it was my first 5-star rating of 2020!


🌺  I had been wanting to pick up something by this author ever since I read Vera’s post about why she loves her, and though I enjoyed Get A Life, Chloe Brown, I didn’t fall head over heels in love with it.
🌺  However, I knew I wanted to try another book by her and the opportunity arose when Vera told me The Princess Trap was available for free on ebook for a limited time.  I wish for you all to have a friend in your life that tells you when books you’re interested in are on sale!
🌺 This one is an adult contemporary romance that involves royalty, which is apparently something I really enjoy now, because I loved this story.
🌺  The book deals with some heavy topics, but has it’s soft moments too and I loved the way the characters contributed to each other’s growth.


🌺  Vera recommended this book to me last year right after she read it and it sounded so good that I managed to get it in my hands within days.  So, in this case I got to hear all about why she loved it before you all did 😛 
🌺  I also read the sequel, Jade War, fairly quickly afterwards which is almost unheard of for me, so you know it’s that good.
🌺  The series is adult fantasy that follows the Kaul family, a crime syndicate on the island of Kekon.  It has it all: fantastic characters, a riveting plot, political intrigue, magic abilities and more.
🌺  The only negative I have about this situation is that now I have to wait for Jade Legacy to be released!


🌺  Vera loves this author’s London Celebrities series (as you can see in her post here), and she had been trying to get me to read it for ages until I finally picked up Headliners, the fifth book in the series, in August (which she has also has a specific review for).
🌺  I wouldn’t recommend picking up the fifth book first (although, it does take place around Christmas, so now would be the time!), because it does have some spoilers for the others, but my library doesn’t have the first in the series, so I just had to do what I could, lol.
🌺  The book follows two (adorable) television presenters and their enemies-to-lovers relationship that is surprisingly sweet.
🌺  This adult contemporary romance was a really cute read and I’m looking forward to reading more from the series soon!


🌺  I have definitely read my fair share of JLA books, but after being less than impressed by The Return and Half-Blood, I thought I was done with her paranormal romances.  That was until Vera recommended I give The Darkest Star a go.
🌺  She was absolutely right to suggest that, because I enjoyed The Darkest Star so much and the sequel, The Burning Shadow, even more.  As Vera says, it is a big step up from the Lux series.
🌺  This YA paranormal romance series is about aliens on Earth and takes place after the Lux series.  It’s full of twists and is a whole lot of light sci-fi fun.
🌺  The final book in the trilogy, The Brightest Night, was just released in October, so now is the perfect time to give these books a go!


🌺  The Reluctant Royals series is another I wanted to read ever since seeing a post by Vera.  Why I started with the third one, I’m not entirely sure, but I read the second earlier this year (loved it) and am currently reading the first.
🌺  This is yet another adult contemporary romance series that I love that also involves royalty and some deep topics covered.
🌺  I’m pretty sure these books made me feel every emotion possible.
🌺  I’ve given three of her books 5 stars, so I think it’s safe to say Alyssa Cole is now one of my favourite authors of all time!


🌺  I never thought I would be excited to read a classic, but once again, Vera did not lead me astray when she told me she likes this author. Plus, it was a lot of fun to watch the recent Netflix movie together having both read the book.
🌺  This book is a gothic classic that follows a woman who has just married a rich man and moved into his house, but things aren’t as happy for the couple as they had hoped.
🌺  There is so much atmosphere packed into this story and I really enjoyed finding out all the secrets of the characters.


🌺  How could I forget the Psy-Changeling series?  I’m sure you know if you have been around for a while that Vera loves this series and I now know why after having read the first book.
🌺  It’s an adult paranormal romance series that follows various shapeshifters and another group called the Psy.
🌺  The romance was really steamy and I loved finding out about the world the author has created. I’m excited to eventually continue reading this long series.


🌺  You might know that this year I challenged myself to read more horror books, and Vera was happy to give me some recommendations – including The Carrow Haunt!
🌺  I don’t want to talk too much about this one, as I’m planning on doing a full review at some point in the future (I don’t say this lightly, because I barely ever do reviews, lol, so expect to see it in the coming months).  However!  I loved the plot so much and the pacing was spot on for me.


🌺  I was so intrigued by this series after seeing Vera talk about it and its unique qualities.  Here’s a post where she discusses it in detail!
🌺  The book is YA, but beyond that it is really hard to define because it crosses a few genres; urban fantasy, supernatural horror and thriller being the main ones, in my opinion.
🌺  It truly is unique, including a morally ambiguous main character, expansive worldbuilding and all kinds of paranormal beings.  I loved the turns the plot took and the character dynamics.
🌺  I have yet to read the sequels, but I know my library has them which is extra exciting because I only requested that they buy the first one!


🌺  I was looking for some interesting mystery-thrillers to pick up last year when I came across Vera’s review for this book and decided to give it a go myself.
🌺  It is an adult title, and it covers some really intense topics in an accessible way (like postnatal psychosis), which I thought was genius. It also genuinely freaked me out a little.
🌺  I loved the two main characters – I really felt for Lauren in particular – and I could definitely see this becoming a series (…please?)


🌺  This is yet another book I picked up because of one of Vera’s reviews!  She made this book sound like a lot of fun, and I was not disappointed.
🌺  This is a paranormal YA that involves witches, friendship and mysteries!
🌺 I loved the strong personality of the main character and her absolute loyalty to her best friend.
🌺  I know Vera thought one of the reveals at the end was predictable, but it took me totally by surprise, so you might be surprised too if you decide to give this book a go!


🌺  I had seen Vera talk about this author a lot, and I finally decided last year to pick up The Broken Girls.  I loved it so much that The Sun-Down Motel became one of my most anticipated books of 2020.
🌺  This book is an adult mystery-thriller with remarkable supernatural elements.  It’s also a bit historical, as it includes a timeline set in the 1950s.
🌺  My favourite parts were the atmosphere, characters and their relationships.  It’s a really well-developed, multi-layered story!


🌺  Another author I had seen Vera talk about a lot is Cat Winters and I had always wanted to try her work.  Unfortunately for me, my library did not have any of her books.  However, when I finally discovered Libby, she was one of the first authors I searched for and I was in luck!
🌺  The Cure For Dreaming is a historical YA with some paranormal aspects and a cute relationship that I adored.
🌺  The characters absolutely charmed me, especially the main two, and I enjoyed the feminist themes.  I’m hoping to read more by this author soon!

What do you think?

Have you read any books because Veronika recommended them to you?  Is there someone out there whose recommendations you always trust?  Have you read any of these books?  Let me know!

7 thoughts on “14 Books I Read Because of Veronika

  1. It might be uncool to comment on our blog, but I love this post so much, I can’t NOT comment. I had no idea you were working on this & to post it on my birthday is so kind. 🥺 The best thing to hear as a book blogger and as a friend is that someone read and loved your recommendations – which, obviously, we already talked about, but it was so lovely to see them together like this. 🥰 Thank you, this post made me extremely emotional and happy. 😭🥰


  2. Great post, there is no greater compliment to a blogger than saying you;ve read a book because of them. I feel like you even mention reading the Psy Changeling series to Vera and she will jump in excitement and ask what you think. It reminds me I need to continue reading it. She’s also got me to read some Simone St James.


  3. Ah this is such a fun list, it warms my heart so much to know that you read so many great books because of Veronika 🙂 I need to read letters to the lost at some point, it sounds SO good!! 🙂


  4. ahh happy belated birthday veronika!! rebecca, jade city, and letters to the lost are all on my tbr, and they all sound SO interesting, so i can’t wait to pick them up – hopefully sometime soon!! i loved reading this post so much!! 💖


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