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14 Books I Read Because of Veronika

Hey everyone, it’s Sabrina and today I’m talking about a bunch of books that I’ve only read because Vera recommended them. Some were recommended directly to me, and some were just recommended in general - and I am so grateful for it.  As we’ve both mentioned before this year, we tend to enjoy the same… Continue reading 14 Books I Read Because of Veronika

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Fantastic Friends to Lovers Book Recommendations

Hello friends! Giving you book recommendations based on some of my favorite tropes has been incredibly fun, so I'm back with another recommendation post. This time, I brought you eight novels that make excellent use of the friends to lovers trope, also known as one of the softest tropes known to man. 🥺 I feel… Continue reading Fantastic Friends to Lovers Book Recommendations

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Book Inspired Hobbies I Wanted To Try

Hi, it’s Sabrina here!  Today I want to talk to you about six books that inspired me to try and pick up a new hobby - a.k.a. Six Times Sabrina Got Extremely Carried Away Fantasising About Her Future Because of a Book.  What I mean by this, is that the book had me daydreaming and… Continue reading Book Inspired Hobbies I Wanted To Try

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The Best Opposites Attract Couples

After two parts of this makeshift series, I still love sharing recommendations for my favorite tropes, so here we are today, with part three: opposites attract couples. In the previous installments we had: Excellent Hate to Love RomancesSunshine + Grumpy Character Pairings When I was working on the sunshine post, I realized that I had… Continue reading The Best Opposites Attract Couples

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My Favourite Books with Blue Covers

Hi, it’s Sabrina!  Today I want to post something light and happy about books I love.  And I wanted an excuse to talk about my latest favourite book (stay tuned to find out what it is).  So here we are with a post about my favourite books that have (mostly) blue covers!  I’m not super… Continue reading My Favourite Books with Blue Covers

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How I’d Gotten Into Audiobooks (Tips & Recommendations)

For years and years, I kept moaning about audiobooks. I always knew that there is nothing wrong with them - and, fyi, they 1000% count as reading - but I had trouble paying attention to them. I kept getting distracted, even if I was sitting at home, quietly staring ahead. After many a failed attempt,… Continue reading How I’d Gotten Into Audiobooks (Tips & Recommendations)

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Book Maths: This Book + This Book = This Book

Hello!  It’s Sabrina and today I have a post based off Youtube videos - specifically this one by Jen Campbell, who I guess I will never stop talking about.  I think the title sums the idea up pretty well, but basically I will be sharing three books at a time where one of them could… Continue reading Book Maths: This Book + This Book = This Book

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Seven Sunshine + Grumpy Character Pairings

Isn't it adorable to see a soft, sunshine character slowly coaxing a grumpy character out of their shell? I love this trope so much, and I know many of you do too, so I brought you seven novels that make excellent use of this trope. These titles are swoony and sweet, and I do hope… Continue reading Seven Sunshine + Grumpy Character Pairings

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Books With Artist Characters

Hi there!  It’s Sabrina and today I’m recommending you a bunch of books with artistic characters.  They’re mostly female and mostly main characters, but there’s a couple I couldn’t help slipping in there that don’t fit those qualifiers.  I’ve split the list into two - the first, and shortest, section is books where the art… Continue reading Books With Artist Characters

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Reading Each Other’s Favorite Novels

Hello friends! From the first time Sabrina and I started chatting, it was evident that our reading tastes are rather similar. We like the same genres, and many of our favorite books are ones we've both read and loved. That said, we still wanted to put each other's favorite novels to test, and ta-da, the… Continue reading Reading Each Other’s Favorite Novels