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Seven Superb Second Chance Romances

Hello friends! I'm excited to be back with a new addition to my series - that, as per usual, has no official name, because of course - in which I recommend novels based on some of my favorite tropes. If I'm being honest, second chance romance is not a trope I actively seek out, but… Continue reading Seven Superb Second Chance Romances

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Recommending Books Based on Folklore by Taylor Swift

Hello friends! As most of you will probably know by now, Taylor Swift has recently released a surprise album, folklore, also known as one of the most excellent, softest albums I've ever heard. 🥺 With the exception of the final two track, peace and hoax, I adore every single song on that album, and I… Continue reading Recommending Books Based on Folklore by Taylor Swift

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Extremely Specific Tropes I Like and Dislike

Hello friends! I know I'm not the only blogger who has strong feelings about extremely specific tropes in books. In most cases, these are not 'big' tropes that influence the whole novel or the character arc - like the chosen one trope does, for example - rather, they are smaller instances or are just more… Continue reading Extremely Specific Tropes I Like and Dislike

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A List of Books to Try if You Enjoy Black Mirror

Hi, it’s Sabrina!  Having only seen ten episodes of Black Mirror, I’m possibly not the most qualified to write this post, but I’m doing it anyway.  I tend to enjoy books like this, and they really intrigue me so I have a fairly long list. I also want to say - if you tried just… Continue reading A List of Books to Try if You Enjoy Black Mirror

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A Bunch of Bookish Coincidences

Hey!  It’s Sabrina!  This is a bit of a strange post, but today I’m talking about bookish coincidences that happened through the end of May, June and a little bit of July.  When I say coincidences, I am mostly referring to specific similarities that I noticed within a close timeframe.  This list started off as… Continue reading A Bunch of Bookish Coincidences

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The Best Opposites Attract Couples

After two parts of this makeshift series, I still love sharing recommendations for my favorite tropes, so here we are today, with part three: opposites attract couples. In the previous installments we had: Excellent Hate to Love RomancesSunshine + Grumpy Character Pairings When I was working on the sunshine post, I realized that I had… Continue reading The Best Opposites Attract Couples

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The Lowest Rated Books I’ve Read

Hi everyone!  Today I’m going to be chatting about the ten books I’ve read with the lowest average rating on Goodreads and how I felt about them.  I imagine their exact ranking probably changes as more people read and rate the books, but I’m putting this list in the order it was in when I… Continue reading The Lowest Rated Books I’ve Read

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Eight Unpopular Character Opinions

Liiisten, I respect everyone's opinion, I do, but sometimes an opinion makes me go 😯 because I just.. I cannot comprehend it. There's nothing wrong with said opinion, no, but it surprises me because it's so far from what I think or believe. Istg, Schitt's Creek has a gif for everything. Because this feeling of… Continue reading Eight Unpopular Character Opinions

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My Favourite Books with Blue Covers

Hi, it’s Sabrina!  Today I want to post something light and happy about books I love.  And I wanted an excuse to talk about my latest favourite book (stay tuned to find out what it is).  So here we are with a post about my favourite books that have (mostly) blue covers!  I’m not super… Continue reading My Favourite Books with Blue Covers

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My All Time Favorite Pieces of Media

At the beginning of the month, Caitlin tweeted something really incredible that ultimately inspired me to write this post. Her tweet, as seen below, compares a person's all time favorite pieces of media to horcruxes. For those who're confused: in the Harry Potter universe, a horcrux is a on object in which a wizard or… Continue reading My All Time Favorite Pieces of Media