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Books That Became Instant Favorites

Hello friends! Today's post was inspired by the rare, incredible feeling I get when I read a book and I immediately know I'll cherish it - if not forever, at least for quite some time. 🥰 For me, these are more than five-star-reads: I can be quite lenient with those and give them out to… Continue reading Books That Became Instant Favorites

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Five Star Predictions: The Results Pt. 2

Hello friends! I'm finally here with the last three two books I read for my five star predictions post, sharing if they've lived up to my expectations, or not. As you can see, I crossed out the number three there, and that is because I'm unsure when I'll get to the final book - The… Continue reading Five Star Predictions: The Results Pt. 2

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August Wrap Up, ft. Books, Films, and an Important Blog Update

Hello friends! Look at us, we've conquered another month of this dreadful year. (Not that I think 2021 is going to bring us better things, but you know, we do have to look forward to something, right?) From this point, we'll choose one world issue to highlight in each monthly wrap up and we ask… Continue reading August Wrap Up, ft. Books, Films, and an Important Blog Update

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Ranking & Reviewing Alice Oseman’s Novels

Hello people of the internet! Earlier this year, I discovered Emma Mills and her wholesome YA contemporaries. My decision to read all five of her books led me to write a post in which I ranked her novels, from my least favorite to my most favorite. (Click here to read it!) Not only did I… Continue reading Ranking & Reviewing Alice Oseman’s Novels

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Extremely Specific Tropes I Like and Dislike

Hello friends! I know I'm not the only blogger who has strong feelings about extremely specific tropes in books. In most cases, these are not 'big' tropes that influence the whole novel or the character arc - like the chosen one trope does, for example - rather, they are smaller instances or are just more… Continue reading Extremely Specific Tropes I Like and Dislike

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{Getting Wordy} Am I A Bad Reviewer?

Have you ever asked yourself this question? I sure have, and not necessarily for the most obvious reason. I mean, of course I worry about the quality of my reviews. The book blogging world is filled with people who are able to share their thoughts in such unique ways; these bloggers are funny and smart,… Continue reading {Getting Wordy} Am I A Bad Reviewer?

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The Best Opposites Attract Couples

After two parts of this makeshift series, I still love sharing recommendations for my favorite tropes, so here we are today, with part three: opposites attract couples. In the previous installments we had: Excellent Hate to Love RomancesSunshine + Grumpy Character Pairings When I was working on the sunshine post, I realized that I had… Continue reading The Best Opposites Attract Couples

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Did The Hunger Games Hold Up After Our Reread?

Hello friends! With the new Hunger Games novel being published in May, more and more bloggers could be seen rereading the original trilogy, and I, ever the hype-follower, became interested in rereading the trilogy, as well. I read The Hunger Games for the first time around six years ago, so my memories were hazy at… Continue reading Did The Hunger Games Hold Up After Our Reread?

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My All Time Favorite Pieces of Media

At the beginning of the month, Caitlin tweeted something really incredible that ultimately inspired me to write this post. Her tweet, as seen below, compares a person's all time favorite pieces of media to horcruxes. For those who're confused: in the Harry Potter universe, a horcrux is a on object in which a wizard or… Continue reading My All Time Favorite Pieces of Media