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30 Marvelous Mystery-Thriller Book Recommendations

Hello and welcome to the first Spooky October post of 2020! 🎃 Those of you who have been with us for more than a year are likely already familiar with Spooky October, but for everyone else, I think an introduction to this Halloween goodness is in order. Spooky October was created back in 2015 -… Continue reading 30 Marvelous Mystery-Thriller Book Recommendations

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How I Avoid Blog Burn Outs

I have been blogging since March, 2014 and while I’ve gone on a few hiatuses since starting my original blog, I don’t think I was ever really burnt out of blogging. There have been times when I was close to a blog burn out, but I have managed to work through these periods and I… Continue reading How I Avoid Blog Burn Outs

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Fantastic Friends to Lovers Book Recommendations

Hello friends! Giving you book recommendations based on some of my favorite tropes has been incredibly fun, so I'm back with another recommendation post. This time, I brought you eight novels that make excellent use of the friends to lovers trope, also known as one of the softest tropes known to man. 🥺 I feel… Continue reading Fantastic Friends to Lovers Book Recommendations

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What Makes a Character Strong?

Hello friends! This post started out as something completely different - a version of which I'm still most likely going to post one of these days - but it turned into a discussion about strong characters. More particularly, I'm going to be talking about what makes a character strong in my eyes. By strong, I'm… Continue reading What Makes a Character Strong?

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Recommending My Favorite Books With Yearning

I feel like everyone - or most of everyone - loves books that are filled with yearning and who can blame us? I don't have a problem with couples who have a fast, strong connection but characters who take their time getting together for one reason or another and who yearn and pine for each… Continue reading Recommending My Favorite Books With Yearning

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Blogging: Things I Love and Things I Hate

Hello, friends! You didn't realize this, because I always have a couple of posts scheduled, but I've been in a terrible blogging slump recently. No motivation, no ideas, no patience to sit down and write something. When I did sit down in front of WP, for example for our monthly wrap up, it took me… Continue reading Blogging: Things I Love and Things I Hate

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{Getting Wordy} Friendships in Books

As a person who looks at the characters and only then at the plot, it's no surprise that I care deeply about the characters' relationship with others. I love reading about family dynamics and about romantic pairings, but friendships in books take the cake for me. 🍰 As such, it makes me extremely glad that… Continue reading {Getting Wordy} Friendships in Books

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{Mini Reviews} Two Favorite 2020 Releases

Hello friends, Vera here. While I love organizing my mini reviews based on the genres the books fall into... today's post contains two novels that, frankly, couldn't be more different from each other. 😅 One is a beautiful YA Contemporary, while the other is a dark, creepy thriller novel that chilled me to my bones.… Continue reading {Mini Reviews} Two Favorite 2020 Releases

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Recommending My Favorite Audiobooks

A couple of months ago, I wrote a discussion about audiobooks in which I shared some tips on how to enjoy them, as well as a few recommendations. I was glad to see that many of you found what I said useful and that you liked the recommendations I shared. 😄 As I've listened to… Continue reading Recommending My Favorite Audiobooks

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August Wrap Up, ft. Books, Films, and an Important Blog Update

Hello friends! Look at us, we've conquered another month of this dreadful year. (Not that I think 2021 is going to bring us better things, but you know, we do have to look forward to something, right?) From this point, we'll choose one world issue to highlight in each monthly wrap up and we ask… Continue reading August Wrap Up, ft. Books, Films, and an Important Blog Update