Adult Fiction Ahead: Our Adultathon TBRs

Hey everyone!  Today Vera and I have an exciting post because we have decided to participate in Adultathon!  This readathon runs throughout the whole of February, and requires you to read adult books that fit the prompts.

It’s created by Olivia’s Catastrophe and co-hosted by Read by Jess and Kasha in Bookland.  You can find the announcement video with all the information here.

Sabrina:  2019 is the year I really started getting into adult fiction and discovered it wasn’t as daunting as I had somehow convinced myself it would be, so this is going to be a great readathon for me.  I’ve chosen one book for each prompt, but among them are a few that apply to more than one prompt so just in case I don’t get as much reading done as I’m hoping, I will still complete the challenge!

Vera: Similarly to Sabrina, I’ve been getting into adult fiction more and more – in fact, many of my top favorites of 2019 were adult novels, and this was the case in 2018 as well. I’m not about the abandon YA, but I think it’s fun to stretch my limits, and this readathon is the perfect chance to do that, stress free, because there are “only” seven prompts, which I should be able to complete.

Now, let’s get to our TBRs!


Don’t we wish it was still yesterday. Read a historical fiction or classic.

Vera: As some of you may have seen, I’m currently participating in Swiftathon, which will ends on February 13, and which I’m 1000% planning on completing. One of my picks for that readathon – in the friends to lovers category – was Emma by Jane Austen, a book that luckily fits adult-a-thon as well.

Sabrina: If you read our 2020 Plans post, you may remember that I really want to read Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen this year, and this seems like the perfect time to do it. It fits for both Thursday’s and Sunday’s prompts too.


Is it still only the start of the week? Black coffee please. Read a book with dark themes. 

Vera: The Poppy War is easily one of the most hyped adult fantasies of the past couple of years, and it comes highly recommended from some of my favorite people in the blogosphere. I’m so sure I’ll love it, I even included it in my Five Star Predictions, and boy, I’m going to be SAD if it disappoints.

Sabrina: I’m going with the same choice as Olivia, the creator of the readathon, with Nevernight by Jay Kristoff. I know Vera wasn’t the biggest fan of this one, but I have heard so many good reviews, I still want to give it a shot.


Happy hump day! It’s a long week. Read a book with 350+ pages.

Vera: I’ve owned The Winter Sea by Susanna Kearsley for years, and it sounds exactly like my kind of book, buuut it’s 544 pages, which is pretty intimidating. I’m hoping adult-a-thon will push me to read it finally.

Sabrina: My aunty got my mum hooked on Michael Robotham’s books last year, and after they both read and enjoyed Life or Death, they left it in my hands. It’s a pretty chunky book at 528 pages, so I’m hoping I’ll be able to finish it for this. I’m also desperately hoping I like it or I don’t know what I’m going to say to my family :’)


Let’s pretend it’s Friday. Adults can have fun too! Read a book by an author you love, or a sequel to a series you love.

Vera: Apparently, February will be the month of long books – because Brandon Sanderson’s Warbreaker is over 650 pages. I’m… questioning my choices right now. Either way, this fits the prompt perfectly, because I adore the Mistborn trilogy by Sanderson, and I’ve wanted to read something else by him for years.

Sabrina: I picked up my first Gail Carriger novel last year and ever since, I have been obsessed. Romancing the Werewolf involves two of my favourite characters (although, almost all the author’s characters are some of my favourites) and it’s a novella, so the length should balance out some of the more dense books on my TBR.


We survived the week! Give your eyes a rest. Listen to an audiobook (or read a book under 100 pages!)

Vera: For the longest time, I wasn’t fond of audibooks, because (1) I thought they would take significantly longer to finish than a written book (= not exactly true on double speed!), and (2) I always felt like I could not pay proper attention to them. Late last year, however, I listened to two audiobooks, and I had so much fun with them! I’m planning on writing a post on how I’ve come to love them + some audiobook recommendations, but I definitely need to listen to more before that happens. So, next on my list: The Dry by Jane Harper.

Sabrina: I’m not great at listening to audiobooks, so I’ve opted to read a book under 100 pages, and Goodreads tells me that The Strange Library by Haruki Murakami fits that bill. I’ve heard good things about it too.


Time to live it up with friends. Buddy read something! (If you’re a lone wolf, read something with the word ‘night,’ ‘dream’ or ‘moon’ in the series or book title).

Sabrina: We both decided near the end of last year that we wanted to buddy read at least one classic in 2020, so what better time is there to do it than for this prompt? It’s also under 200 pages in many editions, which is always a bonus in a readathon!


The day to chill at home with a good film. Read a book that has a film adaption.

Vera: I decided next to picking Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones after reading Sabrina’s post about three of her favorite novels, including this one. The way she described it made me so intrigued, plus the adaptation is coming to Netflix in February, so really, I could not have chosen a more perfect title for this prompt.

Sabrina: One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest is another book my mum has been trying to get me to read. It’s a classic, so at least it will be something out of my comfort zone even if I don’t end up enjoying it – which for some reason, I don’t feel like I will.

What do you think?

Are you going to join in on Adultathon?  Do you read adult novels? Have you read any of these books?  Let us know!

9 thoughts on “Adult Fiction Ahead: Our Adultathon TBRs

  1. Good to you two! I really want to get into more adult fiction novels. In fact, my all time favourite book is an adult fiction novel, so I don’t see why I don’t pick up those books more often! I think this post may have given me some recommendations!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. This sounds like such a great Readathon! I’ve been trying to read more adult books as well and the prompts sound really cool 🥰 I wish you both all the best luck with the Readathon! Maybe someday I’ll also finally get around to reading some Jane Austen books 😄

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Yay! Thanks so much for joining in and I can’t wait to read with you both ❤ I love both Emma and Sense and Sensibility (latter especially!) so hope you will love them too. I felt quite mixed on the poppy war but ultimately enjoyed it. And Nevernight – we can discuss it when we both read it 😀 I really liked the film for One Flew over the cuckoo's nest and have been meaning to read it too. And I need to watch and read Howls Moving Castle D:

    Liked by 2 people

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