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30 Marvelous Mystery-Thriller Book Recommendations

Hello and welcome to the first Spooky October post of 2020! 🎃 Those of you who have been with us for more than a year are likely already familiar with Spooky October, but for everyone else, I think an introduction to this Halloween goodness is in order. Spooky October was created back in 2015 -… Continue reading 30 Marvelous Mystery-Thriller Book Recommendations

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Welcome to Spooky October 2019

Hello friends, and welcome to Spooky October, 2019! 🎃 If you've been with us since our days at "The Regal Critiques" you may know that we've always been fond of seasonal features and events, particularly ones related to Fall/Halloween and Winter/the Holidays. Even though I'm alone on the blog this year (😭) Spooky October is… Continue reading Welcome to Spooky October 2019