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My Favourite Books With Under 1000 Ratings

Hi everyone, it’s Sabrina 🙂  Today I wanted to talk about some underrated books that I’ve really enjoyed.  Specifically, I’ve picked books on Goodreads that have less than 1000 ratings* - so though you may have heard a few people talk about these, the numbers are still really low!  I’ve grouped the books into a… Continue reading My Favourite Books With Under 1000 Ratings

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All My Thoughts On DNFs

Hey everyone, it’s Sabrina!  In today’s post, I want to tell you everything I think about DNFing books, especially when it comes to why and when to do it.  I know it’s not the most original of posts, but I do think everyone is different when it comes to their decisions around DNFs, so I… Continue reading All My Thoughts On DNFs

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Leaving Books Unrated

Hi, it's Sabrina 🙂  Recently, I had the strange experience of reading The Faster I Walk, The Smaller I Am by Kjersti Skomsvold, a book which touched me deeply in a way I wasn't expecting.  Though I found it difficult to put down, I did not necessarily enjoy reading it.  So, I was left with… Continue reading Leaving Books Unrated