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Mini Reviews of Two New Favorite Romance Novels

Hello friends! Today I brought you two romance novels I read at the end of 2020, but haven't had the chance to talk about yet. I'm thankful for these two fun romances as they made some of the most stressful parts of my December a lot more bearable, and I hope they'll have a similar… Continue reading Mini Reviews of Two New Favorite Romance Novels

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A Rundown of All the Spooky Books I Read During October

Hello friends, Vera here! Even though Spooky October is over (booo) I still want to discuss the spooky books I read last month. I think horror, mystery, and thriller are genres well suited for cold fall and winter days / nights when you can curl up with a mug of tea and a warm blanket… Continue reading A Rundown of All the Spooky Books I Read During October

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{Mini Reviews} Two Favorite 2020 Releases

Hello friends, Vera here. While I love organizing my mini reviews based on the genres the books fall into... today's post contains two novels that, frankly, couldn't be more different from each other. 😅 One is a beautiful YA Contemporary, while the other is a dark, creepy thriller novel that chilled me to my bones.… Continue reading {Mini Reviews} Two Favorite 2020 Releases

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Contemporary Romance Mini Reviews

Hello friends! Today I've brought you three adorable, wholesome romances that will make you smile and laugh, and (hopefully) brighten your summer a teeny, tiny bit. This summer (and spring) has been an absolute nightmare, so we need all the happiness we can get from books, in my opinion. 🥰 Head Over Heels by Hannah… Continue reading Contemporary Romance Mini Reviews

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{Mini Reviews} 2020 Mystery-Thrillers Releases

Hello friends! I've recently remembered that as a book blogger I should probably be posting at least a few reviews per year. 🤔 What an unrealistic expectation! But for real, I decided to try to publish at least one review or mini-review post per month, so like, wish me luck? Today, I've brought you two… Continue reading {Mini Reviews} 2020 Mystery-Thrillers Releases


{mini reviews} Two Contemporary Romance Novels

I read a lot, maybe too much to write a review for every single novel I tackle. But because I still love sharing my thoughts with you, I decided to occasionally gift you with some mini reviews. You're welcome. In today's edition I'm introducing you to two contemporary romance novels - one YA, one Adult… Continue reading {mini reviews} Two Contemporary Romance Novels