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Tier Ranking All The 2020 Releases I’ve Read

Hi, it’s Sabrina here today 🙂  In this post, in which I am very late to the party in more ways than one, I am going to be tier ranking all the 2020 releases I’ve read so far!  I was going to do this at the end of last year, but to be honest, I… Continue reading Tier Ranking All The 2020 Releases I’ve Read

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Eight Unpopular Character Opinions

Liiisten, I respect everyone's opinion, I do, but sometimes an opinion makes me go 😯 because I just.. I cannot comprehend it. There's nothing wrong with said opinion, no, but it surprises me because it's so far from what I think or believe. Istg, Schitt's Creek has a gif for everything. Because this feeling of… Continue reading Eight Unpopular Character Opinions