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How I Avoid Blog Burn Outs

I have been blogging since March, 2014 and while I’ve gone on a few hiatuses since starting my original blog, I don’t think I was ever really burnt out of blogging. There have been times when I was close to a blog burn out, but I have managed to work through these periods and I… Continue reading How I Avoid Blog Burn Outs

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What Makes a Character Strong?

Hello friends! This post started out as something completely different - a version of which I'm still most likely going to post one of these days - but it turned into a discussion about strong characters. More particularly, I'm going to be talking about what makes a character strong in my eyes. By strong, I'm… Continue reading What Makes a Character Strong?

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{Getting Wordy} Friendships in Books

As a person who looks at the characters and only then at the plot, it's no surprise that I care deeply about the characters' relationship with others. I love reading about family dynamics and about romantic pairings, but friendships in books take the cake for me. 🍰 As such, it makes me extremely glad that… Continue reading {Getting Wordy} Friendships in Books

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Changing My Opinion: How I Feel About People On Book Covers

Hello, Sabrina here!  You’ve probably read the title of this post, so you know what I’m talking about today: book covers with people on them and how my feelings toward them have changed over time.  I’m sure we all have cover trends that we love and loathe - and plenty that we are indifferent towards. … Continue reading Changing My Opinion: How I Feel About People On Book Covers

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{Getting Wordy} Am I A Bad Reviewer?

Have you ever asked yourself this question? I sure have, and not necessarily for the most obvious reason. I mean, of course I worry about the quality of my reviews. The book blogging world is filled with people who are able to share their thoughts in such unique ways; these bloggers are funny and smart,… Continue reading {Getting Wordy} Am I A Bad Reviewer?

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Results: Five Star Predictions (Pt. 1)

A couple of months ago, I wrote a post about seven titles I was 99.99% sure I'd love. I was excited to see the results of my five star predictions, but even so, it's taken me ages to get to these novels. I'm awful at getting to a fixed TBR, and that's really hindered my… Continue reading Results: Five Star Predictions (Pt. 1)

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Did The Hunger Games Hold Up After Our Reread?

Hello friends! With the new Hunger Games novel being published in May, more and more bloggers could be seen rereading the original trilogy, and I, ever the hype-follower, became interested in rereading the trilogy, as well. I read The Hunger Games for the first time around six years ago, so my memories were hazy at… Continue reading Did The Hunger Games Hold Up After Our Reread?

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Have I Fallen Out Of Love With Writing Reviews?

Hello friends! Those of you who've been following us for a while may have seen that I don't post a ton of reviews, and even though I wanted to change that after moving to wordpress I think, after more than a year, it's safe to say that that didn't happen. I'm feeling guilty. Back when… Continue reading Have I Fallen Out Of Love With Writing Reviews?

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Salty Seven: 7 Bookish Things I Hate

Okay, so, this post is a liiiittle bit saltier than usual? I was IN A MOOD, apparently. Like, don't let all the pink fool you, I was kinda mean here, BUT I did make sure to not step on anyone's opinion (I hope??) so it should be okay. I mean, you're all awesome and if… Continue reading Salty Seven: 7 Bookish Things I Hate

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Ex-Favorite Authors I’ve Fallen Out Of Love With

Okay, so, first of all - I planned on working on a discussion regarding losing interest in favorite authors... until I realized I've already written about this topic in August. Apparently, university has rotted my brain, wonderful. Either way, that discussion concentrated on one author alone, while this time around I have multiple people to… Continue reading Ex-Favorite Authors I’ve Fallen Out Of Love With