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{Mini Reviews} 2020 Mystery-Thrillers Releases

Hello friends! I've recently remembered that as a book blogger I should probably be posting at least a few reviews per year. 🤔 What an unrealistic expectation! But for real, I decided to try to publish at least one review or mini-review post per month, so like, wish me luck? Today, I've brought you two… Continue reading {Mini Reviews} 2020 Mystery-Thrillers Releases

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A Bunch of Bookish Coincidences

Hey!  It’s Sabrina!  This is a bit of a strange post, but today I’m talking about bookish coincidences that happened through the end of May, June and a little bit of July.  When I say coincidences, I am mostly referring to specific similarities that I noticed within a close timeframe.  This list started off as… Continue reading A Bunch of Bookish Coincidences

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June Wrap Up, ft. Solid Novels and a Few Disappointments

Hello friends! It feels like June flew by super fast, I can't believe we're 1/3 through the summer! As always, we have some cool stuff to share in this post- life updates, books, movies, as well as some of your blog posts we adored. Before we get into the post, however, let us direct you… Continue reading June Wrap Up, ft. Solid Novels and a Few Disappointments

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2020 Challenge Check In: A Mixture of Success and Failure

Hi everyone!  Today we’re here to give you an update on how we're doing with the challenges we signed up for this year.  There are some mixed results, but overall I think we're going pretty well and are on track to complete our goals by the time the year is out! VERA The Book Blog… Continue reading 2020 Challenge Check In: A Mixture of Success and Failure

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{Getting Wordy} Am I A Bad Reviewer?

Have you ever asked yourself this question? I sure have, and not necessarily for the most obvious reason. I mean, of course I worry about the quality of my reviews. The book blogging world is filled with people who are able to share their thoughts in such unique ways; these bloggers are funny and smart,… Continue reading {Getting Wordy} Am I A Bad Reviewer?

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The Best Opposites Attract Couples

After two parts of this makeshift series, I still love sharing recommendations for my favorite tropes, so here we are today, with part three: opposites attract couples. In the previous installments we had: Excellent Hate to Love RomancesSunshine + Grumpy Character Pairings When I was working on the sunshine post, I realized that I had… Continue reading The Best Opposites Attract Couples

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The Lowest Rated Books I’ve Read

Hi everyone!  Today I’m going to be chatting about the ten books I’ve read with the lowest average rating on Goodreads and how I felt about them.  I imagine their exact ranking probably changes as more people read and rate the books, but I’m putting this list in the order it was in when I… Continue reading The Lowest Rated Books I’ve Read

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Results: Five Star Predictions (Pt. 1)

A couple of months ago, I wrote a post about seven titles I was 99.99% sure I'd love. I was excited to see the results of my five star predictions, but even so, it's taken me ages to get to these novels. I'm awful at getting to a fixed TBR, and that's really hindered my… Continue reading Results: Five Star Predictions (Pt. 1)