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10+ Booktubers I Love

Hi, it’s Sabrina here!  For today’s post, I’m talking about some of the booktubers I love!  I have a slightly complicated relationship with booktube* (and Youtube in general) because I tend to go through phases of watching a lot and then watching nothing at all.  Right now, I’m not watching as much as usual, but I still try my best to make time for all the people I’ve listed today – that’s how you know they’re my favourites!  I might not watch every video, but I am invested in these booktubers all the same.  I’ve also included some bonus channel recommendations at the end – these are channels I check in with every now and then, but have found myself watching less this year (in some cases, because I haven’t seen their uploads on my home page or they haven’t uploaded for a while).  So, with that, here’s my list!  I hope you’ll find someone new to check out.

*In case you are unaware, a booktuber is a person who creates book related content on Youtube.


This list is in no particular order, but having said that, I had to put BooksandLala first!  I watch this channel the most regularly and the percentage of the videos I’ve seen is probably the highest out of all of this list.  It’s also thanks to BooksandLala that I now watch reading vlogs – I used to think they were boring!  Finally, I read so many books because I’ve seen them on Kayla’s channel – as you may know if you’ve read my last library TBR post, lol – even if we don’t always have the same taste in books.

Olivia’s Catastrophe

Do you recognise this name?  Olivia-Savannah was one of us bloggers not so long ago – we were even lucky enough to have her guest post for Spooky October last year.  I love the enthusiasm and sincerity with which she talks about books as well as her general friendliness towards everyone. Her “Read it Backwards” series was so much fun to follow along with.  If you haven’t watched any of Olivia’s videos yet, I highly recommend you do!

Nicole Miller

Nicole might not strictly be a booktuber as she does create a lot of other content too, but her monthly reading wrap ups are always fun to watch.  I first came across Nicole on an old now-defunct website called Polyvore (R.I.P. 😭) – a place where you could create digital collages.  Anyway, sometime during the pandemic I realised she was making Youtube videos and decided to check them out – it was a great decision!  Not only does Nicole make bookish content, but she adores Taylor Swift, and as a songwriter herself, you can also expect a lot of great music content on her channel.

Mina Reads

Mina, to me, really exemplifies the range that booktube can cover!  As an English major, she can often be found reading and enjoying serious nonfiction and classics along with her personal reading choices – which include steamy romances, manga and fantasy novels among other things.  I love that she is so open and willing to be herself while also giving great book recommendations.

Et Tu Brody

I may not read nearly as much horror as Bear – or even enjoy it to the same extent – but there is still some overlap with our reading.  I often find out about more unique reads from their channel which is always interesting and appreciated.  There is also just something about their personality that really resonates with me and I am always captivated by their videos!


I feel like I have gone through such a long journey with Adri because I first started watching their videos when I was just discovering booktube – which was, gosh, almost ten years ago now, I’d say.  In fact, Youtube says the first video of theirs I watched was the First Sentence Challenge, uploaded in April 2014!  Anyway, I stopped watching Youtube for a long time, so I rediscovered Adri a couple of years ago.  I particularly love the way they thoroughly discuss the themes in the books they’ve read – it helps give me more of an understanding towards the books and lets me know if I should pick them up.

Jen Campbell

I absolutely adore Jen’s videos and I am especially fascinated by her discussions of disability and fairytales.  I get a lot of strange and more “literary” recommendations from her videos which I am always excited to try out, even if I have had wildly varying results with them, lol.  Jen is also an author and I loved her short story collection The Beginning of the World in the Middle of the Night.

Jess Owens

I came to Jess’s channel for her “Book Communitea” videos, but I stayed for her personality.  She is so funny and I quite regularly find myself laughing out loud at things she’s said and done.  Additionally, she’s very open about her mental health and that is something I always appreciate.  Of course, I also get book recommendations from Jess’s channel – the most unique ones being various nonfiction.


Meg is a more recent discovery for me and is another person I find myself constantly smiling at.  She has an infectiously exuberant personality amplified by the little memes she inserts in her videos.  I still don’t know if we have similar taste in books or not, but I am planning on reading some of her murder mystery recommendations (her specialty) at some point in the near future.

Booked And Busy

I was so pleased when I found the Booked and Busy channel as I thought I would find a lot of fantastic high fantasy recommendations.  However, so far, I’m afraid I don’t think we have very similar tastes when it comes to that, lol.  Still, I love that Aaron doesn’t hold back with reviews – both negative and positive – so I can expect, at the very least, an entertaining and honest video every time. 



The Bi Guide to Media


Jean BookishThoughts

Bowties & Books

How to Train Your Gavin

Chronicles of Noria

Tori Morrow

Booked With Jameelah

What do you think?

Do you watch any booktubers regularly?  Are there any channels I should check out?  Have you ever made bookish content on Youtube?  Let me know!


9 thoughts on “10+ Booktubers I Love

  1. I love This Story Ain’t Over too! I also have a love/hate relationship with booktube too- I love them, but if the video goes above 15 minutes I tend to skip it even though the topic is super interesting 😭 I think the oldest booktubers I subscribed to and still going on until now is PeruseProject and booksandquills


  2. Olivia’s the best! She seems like such a nice person. I also really like Jesse @ Bowties and Books’ videos. They’re hilarious!


  3. I’m also switching between watching Booktube a lot and then not watching it at all 😅 I used to follow more Booktubers but now I just watch Book Roast, Alexandra Roselyn, Mouse Reads, withCindy (not strictly a Booktuber anymore) & Katytastic + Thoughts on Tomes (the Booktubers I have been watching the longest) 💖 I loved seeing your recommendations, should I feel the need to get more into Booktube again!! I’ll definitely be keeping these Booktubers in mind 😊

    megwithbooks seemed familiar and then I realized that I randomly watched one of her videos recently! It was the ‘doing 7 readathons in 7 days’ vlog and it was so much fun! 🥰


  4. I actually discovered Booktube before discovering the book blogging community! I used to watch Booktube regularly, but at this point I’m only subscribed to a few people, and even then, I go through phases where I’ll watch more or less content!

    Some of my go to favorites are Jesse from Bowties & Books, Mara from Books Like Whoa, and Bethany from Beautifully Bookish Bethany! I have others that I love of course, but these three seem to be the ones I’ve been watching most consistently recently!


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