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Did I Read More From These Authors? Revisiting A 2014 Blog Post

Hi there!  It’s Sabrina, and today I’m adding to my “revisiting old posts” series with another old Top Ten Tuesday!  I’ve previously done this sort of post two times: here and here.  In both those instances, the goal was to see if I actually read the books I plan to read, and the same is true for today’s post.  This time, the old post was “Authors I Need To Read More From”, originally posted in September 2014!  I picked authors I had read only one book from at the time of posting. I think I’ve had plenty of time to follow through – so without further ado, let’s see if I did!

1.  E. Lockhart
previously read: We Were Liars

We Were Liars book cover

I’m happy to start on a high note, especially because I’ve mentioned Genuine Fraud, my second read by this author, a few times on this blog, so I know it’s stuck with me to some extent.  On a lesser note… I was clearly intending to read from the author’s backlist when I included her on this list, not simply another new release.  I’m still counting it though, lol.  Something else interesting to note that I’ve just discovered – the prequel to We Were Liars is being released in May this year!  I don’t know how I feel about that!

2.  Stephanie Perkins
previously read: Anna and the French Kiss

Anna and the French Kiss book cover

The result for this author is not exactly clear cut – I haven’t read any further novels by Stephanie Perkins, but I did read her short story in My True Love Gave to Me during that 2014 December.  I wish I could tell you if I enjoyed that short story – I have a feeling that I did – but I didn’t record my thoughts anywhere so I don’t know for sure.  Funnily enough though, I have recently been tempted by Stephanie Perkins books again – this time, her horror/thrillers.  The Woods Are Always Watching in particular has caught my eye, so we’ll see if I read that any time soon!

3.  Kiersten White
previously read: Paranormalcy

Paranormalcy book cover

I only recently accomplished this goal when I read The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein last year, which I ended up loving.  I still have so, so many Kiersten White books on my TBR, including all the ones I mentioned in my original post – worst of all, the sequels to Paranormalcy which I have still not picked up despite giving the first book five stars back when I read it in 2013.  Still, this author is two for two (which is, honestly, pretty incredible), so I definitely need to keep reading her work.  Having said that, I’m most excited for her new release this year – Hide.

4.  Libba Bray
previously read: The Diviners

The Diviners by Libba Bray book cover

And here we have the first complete failure of the post, unfortunately.  To this day, the only book I have read by this author is The Diviners, despite giving it five stars and highly anticipating the sequel.  I did pick up Beauty Queens at some stage (though I never finished it), which I would have counted as a success, only this happened before I wrote my original post.  I still have Lair of Dreams and A Great and Terrible Beauty on my TBR, eight years later.

5.  Leigh Bardugo
previously read: Shadow and Bone

Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo book cover

This is a particularly weird one, because while it is a success – I ended up reading Siege and Storm for the first time in 2015 – it’s also a bit of a failure for a few reasons.  The first is that it then took me until last year to read Ruin and Rising and finally finish the Grisha trilogy.  The next is that I have started but not finished three of the author’s other books!  I got halfway through Wonder Woman: Warbringer, a few chapters into Six of Crows and about 100 pages into Ninth House.  I’m still planning on reading all of these, but if the pattern continues, it could be another six years before I get to doing it!

6.  V.E. Schwab
previously read: The Archived

The Archived by Victoria Schwab book cover

I never did read the sequel to The Archived, and at this point, I’m not going to.  However, this is still a success because I did read Vicious.  I didn’t really like it, but I finished the whole thing.  I also started (…but didn’t finish) A Darker Shade of Magic.  I’m a bit hesitant to read anything else by the author after all this, but This Savage Song was recommended to me recently (thanks Rafaela!), so I might still give that one a go.

7.  Katie McGarry
previously read: Pushing the Limits

Pushing the Limits by Katie McGarry book cover

I remember the whole reason I even read Pushing the Limits was because I found it for free on iBooks, which I had on my school MacBook, so I could read in class and during breaks.  It ended up really surprising me, because it had more depth than I was expecting and I loved the characters.  However, I never ended up reading the sequels or anything else by this author – and when thinking back on it, I’m pretty doubtful as to if I’d enjoy this book if I reread it now.  To be honest, I don’t think I will read anything more by this author unless she happens to have a new release that intrigues me.

8.  Julie Kagawa
previously read: The Iron King

The Iron King by Julie Kagawa book cover

The Iron King was probably the first time I felt true disappointment reading a book – it just didn’t click with me the way I was expecting it to.  I read it before I started blogging, and in those days I wasn’t picky at all and tended to enjoy every book I read – of course, I wasn’t reading all that many books compared to now, so that’s probably normal.  Anyway, it was a shock to come across a book that had so many elements I should have loved, but didn’t.  In the end, I was more excited to read other books than to continue on with this series, though I will say that Talon, another series by the author, tempted me for a while.  Unfortunately, this is another failure for me.

9.  Sarah Beth Durst
previously read: Drink, Slay, Love

Drink Slay Love by Sarah Beth Durst book cover

This is yet another failure for me, and this time, I know exactly why.  I’m scared!  This author has written so many books from various genres and I’m afraid none of them will live up to my experience of Drink, Slay, Love – a vampire book I absolutely adored when I read it in 2012 (ten years ago?!).  I loved the humour and the weirdness of the whole story, but would I still feel that way now?  I doubt it.  And for that reason, I’m unsure if I will ever read a book by this author again – I don’t want to taint my memories.

10.  Holly Black
previously read: The Spiderwick Chronicles

The Field Guide by Holly Black book cover

Thankfully, I’m finishing off this list with another success.  I may not have read The Coldest Girl in Coldtown, Tithe or White Cat like I said I intended to in my original post, but I have read The Folk of the Air trilogy, The Darkest Part of the Forest and the author’s short story in My True Love Gave to Me (yes, weirdly, this anthology is showing up again in this post).  I haven’t really got a favourite book by the author, but I enjoyed my time with all her works.

In Conclusion:  My score is about 50/50, depending on whether or not you include the Stephanie Perkins short story. I don’t think it’s too bad, mostly considering I’m no longer interested in a few of these authors’ backlists and have good reason for avoiding more by them.

What do you think?

Which authors do you want to read more books from? Do you typically gravitate toward new-to-you authors, or ones you’ve read from before? Let me know!

13 thoughts on “Did I Read More From These Authors? Revisiting A 2014 Blog Post

  1. Ooooh, that’s such a fun post idea! I have a friend who started reading the We Were Liars prequel and from everything they told me, I won’t pick it up. But then again, I wasn’t particularly interested in it anyway. I’m generally not the biggest fan of prequels.
    V.E. Schwab is an interesting author to me. She’s so beloved by many and I’ve read and liked quite a few of her books. I actually liked This Savage Song best, but no one in my vicinity seems to agree with me … Still, August Flynn (from that book) is my adopted son and that will never change! I really wished that she had expanded on that world more, rather than her other projects.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I remember when a lot of these authors were huge! I read one of Katie McGarry’s sequels but it didn’t live up to the first book. I don’t think I’ve read anything by Julie Kagawa in years, but I’d like to try one of her other series!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, I am glad to hear that! I was starting to feel a bit old when writing this post! I’m sorry to hear you didn’t love the Katie McGarry sequel, but also relieved in a way because I probably didn’t miss out on much by not reading it! I hope you enjoy Julie Kagawa if you pick up something else by her 🙂


  3. Love the idea of revisiting old posts! The only author here that I’ve read multiple books of it Stephanie Perkins (I read the 3 in that series) and Leigh Bardugo (I’ve read the S&B trilogy and Six of Crows). But I’ve yet to read any of her other books. I don’t know why to be honest. haha


  4. I’m always a little scared to revisit old posts simply because I cringe at my writing in current posts let alone old ones. But I do always like to see if we follow through with reading plans. Some successes at least. I think it’s difficult with things like this as your reading tastes can change. I’ve read a few books by Katie mcGarry and always enjoy them but I know she’s not for everyone. Julie Kagawa is an author I want to like but there’s something about her books which don’t work for me.


  5. I really want to read more E Lockhart too! Funnily enough, We Were Liars and Genuine Fraud are also the only books that I’ve read 😅 I’d definitely recommend giving Stephanie Perkins’ thrillers a go, I enjoyed them more than her romances!


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