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The Winter Wonderland Book Tag

Hi everyone! Today Vera and I, Sabrina, are here with The Winter Wonderland Book Tag ❄️☃️ A big thank you to Tasya @ The Literary Huntress for tagging us! As I am writing this, I am in the midst of a heatwave in the middle of summer, so it has been weirdly refreshing to participate in this wintery tag! I hope you will enjoy the atmosphere of the questions as much as I did, no matter what season you’re in!

1. What book is so happy and so sweet that it just warms your heart?

Vera: I recently read The Geek Who Saved Christmas by Annabeth Albert, and I can’t recommend it enough for anyone who enjoys comforting novels. It has a very light enemies to lovers feel to it, but more than that, it has a sunshine and grumpy character dynamic, which is one of my favorite tropes ever.

Sabrina: I’m just now realising that I don’t read many happy books, however, Making Up by Lucy Parker is a great happy and sweet book that fits for this question. I loved the relationship between the main characters and the way they are both on a journey with self identity that is assisted but not encompassed by the other person.

2. What’s your favourite book with a white cover?

Vera: I had to go back on my goodreads quite a bit to find a fitting cover, but I’m glad I did because finding Sadie by Courtney Summers reminded me of how much I loved this novel. If you enjoy audiobooks, I recommend listening to the audiobook version as it’s marvelous.

Sabrina: I feel like this is pushing the definition of “white” a tiny bit, but The Bone Shard Daughter by Andrea Stewart is worth breaking the rules for. I absolutely loved this adult fantasy that features a compelling cast of characters (including the famous Mephi), amazing world-building and intriguing mysteries too.

3. You’re sitting in a nice, comfortable chair with a cup of hot chocolate. What monster book are you reading?

Vera: I’ll have to go with Jade Legacy by Fonda Lee for this question, as I really, really should get to this one. I need to reread Jade War before I can get to it, which is another chunky one.

Sabrina: For this question, I’ve picked a monstrously long book from my TBR – North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell. I’ve wanted to read this for a long time, but classics are hard enough for me to get through without them being over 500 pages 😅 Nevertheless, I hope to get to this one someday.

4. It’s snowing outside and you decide you want to have a snowball fight. What fictional character do you want to have this snowball fight with?

Vera: Sabrina’s answer about a “big found family” instantly made me think of The House in the Cerulean Sea by TJ Klune, a novel with one of my favorite found families. I’d love to meet these characters and, even though I hate snow, I’d even have a snow ball fight with them.

Sabrina: I’ve participated in one snowball fight in my life and unfortunately I didn’t have gloves so it wasn’t fun for very long 😖 I’ve chosen the characters from Watch Over Me by Nina LaCour for this question. I think it would be a lot of fun to play around with the big found family, plus they’d probably actually be properly prepared for the event.

5. Sadly, your campfire is dying. What last few chapters of a book would you throw in the fire to revive it and keep yourself warm?

Vera: It’s been ages since I’ve read the Burn for Burn trilogy by Jenny Hand and Siobhan Vivion, but I still remember how utterly disappointed I was in the ending of the third book, Ashes to Ashes. It has one of the least satisfying endings I’ve ever read, no kidding.

Sabrina: The Majesties by Tiffany Tsao (otherwise known as Under Your Wings) is a book I read fairly recently that I wish had had a different ending. It definitely didn’t come out of nowhere, but I think there could have been a more unique and less problematic twist. It also made the whole framing of the book feel a bit flimsy to me. Still, I do think it explored some interesting and important themes.

6. What book do you love so much that you would buy another copy of it to give to someone as a Christmas gift (or any gift really) to inspire them to start reading?

Vera: I’m going to go with The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid for this question. It’s a book I’ve already bought for four people as a present, and I can definitely see myself purchasing it for even more friends. I feel like a reread is in order, because it’s truly a spectacular novel.

Sabrina: I’ve gone with When the Tiger Came Down the Mountain by Nghi Vo for a few reasons! First of all, it’s very short so it’s not too intimidating for someone who is getting into reading. Second, it’s so unique so I doubt the recipient will have read anything like it before. And finally, in my opinion, it celebrates the value of stories which should further inspire the person to read!

What do you think?

Have you ever had a snowball fight? What’s your favourite book with a white cover? Have you read any of the books we’ve mentioned? Let us know!


8 thoughts on “The Winter Wonderland Book Tag

  1. As winter is my favorite season, I was immediately drawn in by this Tag 🥰☃️ I really need to read The Geek Who Saved Christmas next December, as I love the grumpy x sunshine dynamic so much! Also 100% agree with Sadie, the audiobook is such a fantastic experience 😊 This post also reminded me that I really need to read Watch Over Me!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Would it be weird to save The Geek Who Saved Christmas until next Christmas now? I tend to avoid festive reads like that outside of the season, but then I’m never in the mood for them at the right time so maybe I should just read it now? it sounds cute. And I still haven’t listened to the audiobook for Sadie even though everyone said the audio was amazing for it. Another book I need to tackle this year. OMG, I’ve still never read North and South either and considering how much I adore the TV adaptation that’s a little embarrassing. Long classics are so much more daunting though because you have to get your brain into the right mindset for the language used and it’s an adjustment! Maybe I’ll try and read that this year. I smiled at your choices for snowball fights, I feel like I’d choose Jo from Little Women because she seems like the type to know how to handle herself well in one while I sit inside hiding from the snow.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think that’s what I’m going to do! Although maybe it would be nice to read it outside of the festive season so the Christmas feelings can be spread through the year? :’)
You’re so right about the language adjustment with long classics – it can take a lot of effort! Ooh I’ll definitely be interested to hear your thoughts on North and South if you read it, especially knowing you love the TV version.
I haven’t read Little Women, but from the recent movie, I’d say Jo is a great choice! Also lol, that is probably a wise choice to hide inside – I wish I’d thought of that!


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