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Looking Back On Another Old Post

Hi everyone, Sabrina here 🙂  Last year, I wrote a post where I revisited a very old Top Ten Tuesday post of mine, and I had a lot of fun putting it together, so I thought why not do it again for a different post?  Today I am looking back on a Top Ten Tuesday I posted in October of 2014 listing a bunch of “new” series that I wanted to start.  Did I follow through with my plans? Read ahead to see!

The Lynburn Legacy starting with Unspoken
Sarah Rees Brennan


I did end up starting this series in July of 2015 – so not too long after writing the original post!  Unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy the first book all that much so I never continued with it.  The romance and other relationships were extremely frustrating to me and I found the paranormal mystery element predictable.  I thought the main character was usually funny, but sometimes the jokes didn’t quite land for me.  I ended up rating it three stars.

Blood of Eden starting with The Immortal Rules
Julie Kagawa


I sadly lost interest in this book and even removed it from my Goodreads TBR shelf.  I remember discovering that it was a dystopian book and I stopped actively picking those sort of books to read a while ago – even if they had vampires in them!  Additionally, from the synopsis, the vampire lore in this book sounds more like zombie lore and I don’t like zombie stories at all. I also didn’t love the first book in the Iron Fey series by this author, so I thought there wasn’t much chance that I would like this one.  It’s very hard to convince me not to try a book, so I won’t say it’ll never happen, but it is very unlikely at this point.

The Fifth Wave starting with The Fifth Wave
Rick Yancey


This book featured in my last revisiting post too!  Once again, I lost interest with this one and even removed it from my TBR.  I vaguely remember seeing negative reviews for later instalments in the series, so I didn’t want to get invested in books that were just going to disappoint me.  Now, if the movie had been more successful, this might have been a different story but I never watched it!  I also got the vibe that this was more of a dystopian story than an alien story, and like I’ve already said, I stopped picking those up.

The Lunar Chronicles starting with Cinder
Marissa Meyer


This is another series that I started but never continued, and no longer plan to continue.  I read Cinder in May 2015 and I enjoyed it, giving it four stars.  I liked the retelling aspect and though it was predictable, I liked the main characters enough to still have a good time reading it.  However, we all know how hyped up this series is and honestly, I got sick of hearing about it and how much I just had to read it, lol.  Plus Cinder was already long and I knew the next books were even longer.  I just wasn’t invested enough for it.

The Raven Cycle starting with The Raven Boys
Maggie Steifvater


I’ve actually read this entire series!  I picked up The Raven Boys about a month after the original post, and I almost DNFed it!  I loved the writing style, but the pacing of the book was so slow in the first three quarters that I kept getting bored.  Things turned around at that point though, and I eventually fell in love with the series – Blue Lily, Lily Blue was the first to get five stars from me. I particularly adored the magical atmosphere and the characters.  Of course, when I say I’ve read the entire series, I’m kind of lying because I haven’t read either of the books in the spinoff series, The Dreamer Trilogy.  I’m still undecided on whether I’ll read those – do you think I should?

Between starting with Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
April Genevieve Tucholke


Another book that I actually read – this time in 2017, so about 3 years after the original post.  Unfortunately I hated this book, lol.  The main character was infuriating and I thought the plot was so boring too.  It’s been a while since I read this, as previously stated, but I specifically remember being annoyed at how obsessed the main character was with her fancy little coffee machine and how she thought it made her special and different.  All my review of this book says is that at least I loved the setting 😅 Needless to say, I did not continue with the series.  I actually own another book by this author though – The Boneless Mercies – which I intend to read at some point so fingers crossed I enjoy that one much better.

His Fair Assassin starting with Grave Mercy
Robin LaFevers


This book is still on my TBR, so though I haven’t read it yet, I do still feel like it’s a possibility – though I can say for sure that I will not be reading the spinoff series, as I have heard a lot of negative reviews for that.  I know this is a classic YA fantasy, so I’m unsure as to whether it will be a unique enough read for me to love it at this stage, but the storyline does sound intriguing to me still.  As you can probably tell by this paragraph, I’m feeling pretty hesitant toward this one, but a historical fantasy with a bit of mystery should be up my alley.

Splintered starting with Splintered
A.G. Howard


I ended up reading the first book in this series a few months after the original post.  It was a bit of a let down because I had been entranced by the cover and drawn in by the hype.  I was ready for a love triangle and ready to love Morpheus – but I ended up hating him!  I didn’t grow attached to any of the characters (except Alison? I don’t remember that character, but that’s what I said in my mini review) and I thought the plot was too slow until the end, which I thought went by too fast!  I apparently liked the world and the atmosphere, but it wasn’t enough for me to continue with the series.

Goddess War starting with Antigoddess
Kendare Blake


This synopsis still sounds so good to me, so I don’t know why I never picked this up!  Immortal gods suffering from unique ailments for the first time is a really interesting concept and I believe it’s from the perspective of Athena, so that’s compelling too.  There are a lot of mixed reviews amongst my Goodreads friends though, so I have no idea if I’ll enjoy it or not – even though I liked Anna Dressed in Blood back when I read that.  I’m planning on reading Three Dark Crowns by the same author very soon (I’m in the queue at my library!) so if I like that, I might finally pick this one up too.

Every starting with Every Breath
Ellie Marney


I think it’s quite fitting to end on this series, because I read and loved the whole original trilogy!  It was so fun to read about characters that live in my city – everywhere they went, I had been before, and I’d never had that experience reading a book.  Actually, I don’t think I’ve had that experience again either 😅 On top of that, I enjoyed the relationship between the main characters as well as how real they seemed to me.  The mysteries they had to solve were also unique and well done.  I’m yet to read more by this author, but I definitely want to – especially the book that is technically the final one in this series.

What do you think?

Have you read any of these series? Do you read a lot of new series? Do you think any of the ones I haven’t read are worth starting? Let me know!

14 thoughts on “Looking Back On Another Old Post

  1. “I specifically remember being annoyed at how obsessed the main character was with her fancy little coffee machine and how she thought it made her special and different.”
    I’m sorry, what?!? LOL.

    This is a fun post! I seldom anticipate books in my posts (if ever!), because I’ve had a few bad surprises in the past, so I need to be absolutely sure that I’ll read them and more than reasonably sure that I’ll enjoy them in order to do so. Also, I understand your not wanting to read dystopia at the moment…dark books are one thing, but with everything that’s going on in real life, we need them not to be bleak at least!

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  2. I read The 5th Wave back when I read dystopian novels and I liked it, but much like you I’ve stopped reading that genre entirely (I wonder if the saturation of the genre in the early 2010s had anything to do with it 🤔). Grave Mercy is one that has been on my radar for years but I’m also hesitant about it!

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  3. I love reading these types of posts! ❤ I read the entire Fifth Wave Trilogy and the last book was beyond disappointing 😅 I can recommend the His Fair Assassin Trilogy though as it’s really good, especially if you love mystery, fantasy elements, and some political intrigue! 🥰 The spinoff books were a bit of a letdown but the original books are still great!

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    1. That is so annoying about the last book in the Fifth Wave trilogy! I’m sort of glad to have my choice not to read the series validated, lol.
      Alright! I knew you and Vera enjoyed your reread of His Fair Assassin, so I’m glad to hear you think the original books hold up 🙂 I’ll definitely keep Grave Mercy on my TBR.

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  4. I love The Lunar Chronicles, but the later books in the series can be a struggle to get through if you’re not used to reading longer books. And I’ve had The Immortal Rules on my shelf for years but still haven’t read it yet. I might pick it up because I love vampire stories but it still may be a long time before I do that.

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  5. I feel like it’s brave to look back at old posts simply because I know I’ll cringe at what I’ve written but it is fun to see if you followed through with reading plans. It’s weird how I recognise all of these series as I’ve either read them or had them on my TBR one point or another. It’s strange how you can be so excited for a series and then go off it with time. i read the first book in The Immortal Rules series and it was ok. Something never clicked for me so I ended up returning the second book and abandoning that series altogether. I have remembered I still need to read the Every series, though. Everyone said how good it was and it gave me the fear so I never read it. I obviously need to sort that out.

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    1. Lol! I know I would cringe at things I’ve written in old posts too – rereading old reviews can be a terrible experience :’) Luckily, I apparently never wrote down my thoughts when I participated in these Top Ten Tuesdays – I just wrote my list and left it at that!
      I think it’s cool that you recognised all these series! I agree, it is strange how interest can diminish over time.
      I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t fall in love with The Immortal Rules, but I do hope you end up reading the Every series some time!! I understand The Fear though :’)


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