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Six Ridiculous Reading Worries

Hi everyone, it’s Sabrina!  For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a worrier.  Apparently, I wasn’t like this as a kid, but something must have changed and now pretty much everything is a cause for some concern in my mind.  With that said, I do sometimes know when I am worrying over something silly, and that brings me to today’s post: ridiculous things that make me stressed about reading!  My hopes in sharing this is that there might be people out there who can relate, and maybe this will help us remember when we’re worrying over something small like this, that it’s not such a big deal and that other people go through it too.  Of course, there’s always the possibility that no one relates to this and I just come off as extremely weird, but I’m willing to take that chance today 😅 So, without further ado…


This is the one that most often causes me stress, and it’s probably the one with the most valid reason for that stress too.  Of course I don’t want to incur late fees on my library books because the whole reason I use the library is because I can’t afford to read much otherwise.  Unfortunately, quite often I find myself in the position of having bitten off more than I can chew and I will have several books that I think I need to read quickly before they have to go back.  The thing is, what’s the big deal?  Maybe I won’t finish the book in time, but I can easily put it on hold again and wait for it to come back to me.  I think part of it is that I feel guilty if I need extra time to read a book – I know that there are other people who want to read it too, and I am going to be making them wait.  I also know that the book will probably have to travel around a bit in order for me to read it again – it’s not just my local library that the book is part of, but a wide group of suburbs, so the likelihood of it needing to be transported is pretty high.  This seems like a lot of effort just for little old me to read one specific book.  Still, I’m fairly sure these things are also not that troublesome for the library – surely if they were, there would be other borrowing rules and limits in place?  Either way, I find myself worrying about all this time and time again!


In contrast to the last point, this is possibly the most nonsensical of things to worry about.  I know I don’t judge other people on how long it takes them to read books, so why would anyone else be judging me?  Additionally: I don’t even notice how long it takes anyone to read!!!  I have no idea why I subconsciously feel as though there are hundreds of people secretly watching my every reading move, taking notes on the days I start and finish every book I pick up and rolling their eyes at me when it takes me more than a day to complete a novella.  Yeah, like I said in the intro: it’s ridiculous.


As it turns out, my Worry believes that there is a single perfect timeframe for reading each and every different book – because no, I must not take too long to read but I can’t be too quick either.  This goes for the last point too, but it’s more relevant to this one – there is a part of me that believes that no one will trust my ratings and reviews if I read a book too slowly or too quickly.  Especially if I say that I loved the book I read slowly or hated the book I read quickly.  Once again, I know these things don’t affect how I feel about other people’s reviews, so I don’t know why it bothers me when it’s myself.


Every time I see a readathon announcement that I’m interested in, I get so excited.  I absolutely love the lead up and hearing all the prompts and thinking about possible TBRs.  I adore all of that.  Sometimes though, when the time to start reading rolls around, I lose my motivation and happiness about it.  Suddenly, reading feels like a chore even though I thought I was going to have fun doing it.  I think this stems from the fear of deadlines and that not reaching my TBR goals will feel like failure, so I instinctively decide not to try at all.  Another thing I’ve noticed this year, is that my yearly goals started worrying me around June.  JUNE! In case you aren’t aware of how years work, that’s several months too early 🙃


This one is another that is perhaps not so ridiculous, but doesn’t warrant the level of stress it typically causes me.  It’s not often that I borrow books from people rather than the library, because I know my library holds will take priority over anything else due to the specified return date, and I’ll feel bad if I hang on to someone else’s books for too long – surprise, surprise, it doesn’t bother me when my friends borrow my books for ages, I just want them to actually read them, lol, but once again, apparently I have different rules for myself.  Right now, I have a book on loan from my aunt that I’ve had since Christmas and to be fair, I’ve had no way to return it as she lives in Queensland (a couple states above mine), but I am still worried she might ask about it on the phone and I’ll have to admit I haven’t finished reading it yet.


Quite often, I get an idea for a blog post that involves me reading multiple books in order to discuss them in the context of something they all share – for example, I recently considered doing a post about Pride and Prejudice inspired novels when I accidentally read three in the space of a month.  Contrary to that example, these ideas usually come to me before I read all the necessary books for the post, and as such, I end up with self-inflicted required reading.  Even without giving myself a deadline, the feeling that I have to read a certain book can have a negative impact on my desire to read it 😭 Also, so, so often, mostly by coincidence, these books I decide to read are books that I end up disliking!  I have forced myself through multiple books that I wanted to DNF simply because I have a blog post in mind, which brings on more stress and sometimes even the dreaded slump. I wish it wasn’t like this, but I guess I will never stop doing this to myself, lol.

What do you think?

Do you ever worry about these or other ridiculous things relating to reading and blogging?  Do you have any tips for dealing with it? Do you borrow books from friends and family?  Let me know in the comments!

19 thoughts on “Six Ridiculous Reading Worries

  1. Oof- absolutely for the library books 🤭 though they’re not physical but ebooks.. and im a slow reader so seeing theres just a few days left OR « X amount of people are waiting for it » stresses me out 😅

    Though it’s less with yearly challenge, the reason why I don’t do readathon anymore is that I stress alot over how slow I am 🙃 everyone has so much done and meanwhile.. I didnt even finished ONE book 🤦🏽‍♀️


  2. i have so so many reading and blogging worries!! i totally relate to worrying about how long it’s taking me to read a book. a short one taking forever will feel silly, but then i’ll doubt myself if i’m going through a long book too fast 😂😭
    this is an excellent post, and it’s good to see that i’m not the only one with some of these worries!!

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  3. I think when blogging gets involved, reading causes us worries we didn’t initially have and comprehend. I was always very chilled about what I read and when but now I’m always anxious that I don’t have a wider selection of books to talk about or that I can’t create the content I want because I don’t read an equal balance of backlist and newer titles. I try telling myself it is completely pointless to have these worries because most people won’t care either way but it never works.

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    1. You’re definitely right that blogging has a lot to do with worries surrounding reading! There is so much pressure to read certain things in order to make content!
      That’s one of the more frustrating things – we know most people won’t care, but it doesn’t seem to help!
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Emma!

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  4. I sometimes think the anxiety I feel over small things is my brain overcompensating with those worries because the bigger things which concern me are far too vast and I wouldn’t function if I thought about them too much. But also I am an overthinker. I can totally relate to the worry over taking too long to read a short book (or any book) my current read has been ongoing for a week, it’s only 300 odd pages, why is it taking so long? I think it worries me as I begin to question if it’s because I don’t like the book but then realise it’s more likely that I’m just not making time to read and that’s why it’s still ongoing. I totally relate to the readathon anxiety, too. I get so excited when I find a good one, I love the build-up and looking at my TBR list to figure out books that could fit for different themes or challenges… and then it starts and I read nothing. You struggle with the deadline part but for me, it’s the structure and requirement of reading particular books. Even if I was previously in the mood to read a book as soon as it’s required for something my brain rebels.

    Why do we create these unnecessary worries for ourselves? It’s strange, but you were right. It’s nice to hear I’m not the only one with these weird worries. I think the big way I deal with these things in try and put things in perspective. When I’m taking forever to finish my book I think back about when I’ve actually been making time to read or what plans I’ve had that week. If I’ve been busy doing other things it does help me relax about not finishing. I do then sometimes stay up way too late to finish a book just to prove I can but that’s a whole other world of self-sabotage.


  5. As a fellow worrier I loved this post so much!! ❤ I also get pretty stressed at library loans being due 😅Right now I’m mostly using Overdrive – so there aren’t even late fees – but not reading a book in time tends to stress me. It’s because I either have to 1) extend my loan or 2) return it and put it on hold again if people are already on the waitlist!

    I also get a bit nervous when it takes me longer to read a certain book even though I know that the only person stressing myself … is me 🙈


  6. “there is a part of me that believes that no one will trust my ratings and reviews if I read a book too slowly or too quickly.”
    I’m sure you’re aware that most people don’t even have a way to know/won’t notice if you read a book in a day or it took you six months…but I understand that anxiety doesn’t have to be logically motivated. Anyhow, even if those people would know/notice…every review is valid (unless it bashes the author or the book for no reason). I used to think I couldn’t possibly do justice to a book without reading it at least twice, but I finally managed to let it go – I learned to read my books with a review mindframe the first time around (at least those whose review is due in a timely manner), and I granted myself the freedom to reread them for pleasure only, if I want. We are our first enemies sometimes 🙂.


  7. The thing that worries me the most about borrowing books from friends or family, is accidentally ruining the book. I don’t know what it is, but whenever I take hold of another person’s book, something awful happens. My own books and library books are fine, but I have had someone accidentally spill water on a book I was borrowing, I’ve randomly torn a page, you name it. I am just not meant to borrow books from others!


  8. I hear you on the library books. So much stress! But I also, like you, want to be responsible and get books back for others who might want them. I don’t want to be an accidental book hoarder!

    When I get ideas for themed posts, I usually just start a draft and add to it as I go. So I’ve been reading through the Nancy Drew books, but I just have a draft up and add to it when I feel like it. Or if I read two books with, say, shapeshifters and I want to do a shapeshifter book recommendation list, I just put the two on there and then add more as I stumble across them. Maybe that could be something that would work for you? (It obviously depends on you finding more similar books by accident, though, so it sometimes takes me months or longer to get these posts published. Which may, um, not be ideal.)


  9. Worriers rejoice! Out of these you mentioned, the one that I feel most anxiety for is when I borrow books from friends. Though it happens really rarely, as I mostly read in English, and none of the offline people I know read in another language, I don’t want to keep their books for a long period of time, so even of I don’t particularly feel like reading that book, I will read it.
    Great post, and you’re not alone in being a big worrier!


  10. Did you get inside my brain? Cause I feel so many of these things as well.
    Blogging itself has put more pressure on all of us to read more and read quickly in order to get content out.
    The only thing I don’t do is I don’t borrow books from family members, mostly because no one else reads the types of books I like sadly.


  11. I feel you on the taking a long time to read a short book feeling! Or even taking a long time to read a long book. Mostly just a long time… which is ridiculous because I like multi reading, and I do like taking my sweet time usually. So I shouldn’t stress about it! I unfortunately cut down on the number of readathons I do because I used to worry so much, and I always want to participate as much as can to show support to the creators. I think I have better learned how to participate on one platform (usually instagram) and will fewer worries. I think the library one is really valid!! I feel it for the planned reading!! I have so many themed reading vlogs I want to do, but I feel pressure to read them all in the same month so I don’t wrap them up in a wrap up before the vlog comes out… which is silly because vlogs are about the reading experience and how thoughts change throughout and wrap ups are for final thoughts. I know all this… and yet the stress means I just never make them lol.


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