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21 of Vera’s Most Anticipated Book Releases of 2021

Hello friends! Originally, I didn’t want to share my most awaited book releases of 2021, as I felt like I didn’t have a lot to share. However, when I considered my goodreads to-read list I realized that actually, I have quite a lot of 2021 releases I’m looking forward to. Today, I brought you 21 (+2) of these – believe it or not, that number was an accident! I was shocked when I counted the books (that already have covers) and they added up to 21 – and I can’t wait to chat with you about them.

expected publication: January 12th

I’ve been waiting for this book since it was first announced, so I cannot stress enough how excited I am for this. While I have no interesting in reading the sequel to The Hazel Wood, I did love that book, especially its deliciously dark atmosphere, part of which was caused by the snippets we got to read from the creepy tales that will appear in this anthology.

expected publication: February 9th

Tessa Dare’s novels are always a delight but that is especially true for this series. I loved and rated each book in the series five stars so far and I’m 10000% going to squeal when I finally get my hands on this much-awaited final addition.

expected publication: February 9th

I’m including this novel on this list, even though Courtney Milan tends to push back her release dates quite a lot, and then other times she surprise announces a book that she then releases in a few days, haha. Can’t be mad, though, as I love her books so much, and I can’t wait for this one.

expected publication: February 18th

The Sanatorium follows a woman who is invited to her estranged brother’s engagement party that is hosted at an imposing, isolated hotel. Upon arrival, she is immediately uneasy and that feeling only grows when her brother’s fiancee disappears. I love thrillers that take place at isolated places, so this sounds right up my alley.

expected publication: February 23rd

Anyone who has been with us at W&W for a while probably knows how much I adore Nalini Singh, most importantly her Psy-Changeling series. Her first mystery-thriller, A Madness of Sunshine, was bloody fantastic too, so I have high hopes for this thriller.

expected publication: February 23rd

Honey Girl is about Grace, a woman who has just completed her PhD, went to celebrate it in Vegas… and got drunkenly married to a random woman, who she then moves in with. This sounds fucking incredible, you all, I seriously cannot wait for it to be released.

expected publication: March 9th

Gonzales’ debut, Only Mostly Devastated was one of my favorite novels in 2020, so you could say I have high hopes for Perfect on Paper. It follows Darcy, a girl who gives anonymous relationship advice at her school, which might be the coolest contemporary premise I’ve ever heard. Can’t wait!

expected publication: March 30th

Sweethand is an enemies to lovers romance where the heroine and the hero are thrown together as the bride and the groom at a wedding are her sister and his best friend. If that wasn’t enough, the heroine happens to be a pastry chef, which is awesome, I think. Also, how CUTE is that cover!?

expected publication: April 6th

The Roommate was one of my last reads of 2020, as well as a book I loved basically from start to finish, so I have high expectations for Danan’s sophomore novel. This one follows Naomi, who is a character I loved in The Roommate, and a Jewish hero and it promises to be just as sex positive as the author’s debut.

expected publication: April 13th

Between Perfect and Real follows a trans boy who hasn’t yet come out at his school, but when he is cast as Romeo in a school play, he realizes just how much he to show his true self to everyone at his school. I love the sound of this novel and so far I’ve seen some very positive OW reviews for this.

expected publication: May 4th

Noah, the main character, writes happy trans stories for his blog, Meet Cute Diary. While these started out as a teens’ innocent daydreaming about the perfect romance, they have became a beacon of hope for his transgender readers. So when an online troll starts to question the truthfulness of Noah’s writings, he is forced to ask for the help of Drew who agrees to fake date Noah to sell his stories. You all, this sounds so soft!? I can’t wait.

expected publication: May 4th

Okay, so not only does this sound wonderful, but it’s also has been named a sci-fi version of We Were Liars – a book I loved when I read it – as well as Lost, as in the show, with a satisfying end. I loved Lost growing up and while I don’t remember it very clearly, I do know that the setting and atmosphere were fantastic… while the ending was a mess. I’m so ready for this.

expected publication: May 4th

Another cute contemporary! This one follows Karina who – reluctantly -agrees to tutor the school’s bad who, when asked about Karina, introduces her as his girlfriend. She decides to go along with the charade at least until her strict parents get home, but she never expected her fake boyfriend to be as attentive and lovely as he is.

expected publication: May 25th

I loved both of S.K. Ali’s books so far, which means that I’m fairly certain I’ll also love Misfit in Love, especially as this book takes us back to Janna, the heroine of Ali’s debut. I loved Janna is her book so much so I can’t wait to catch up with her and her loved ones / friends.

expected publication: May 25th

This is a YA Contemporary that is said to be a combination of Crazy Rich Asians and The Princess Diaries, both excellent series in their own right. The main character is a Japanese-American senior in high school who unexpectedly finds out that she is a princess of Japan. Sounds fantastic, right?

expected publication: June 1st

I read and loved Mason Deaver’s debut novel, I Wish You All the Best, so I have high hopes for this novel. At its core, it is about grief, as the main character’s brother has recently been killed in a hit and run and he finds comfort with his brother’s best friend who is also grieving. The few early reviews I’ve seen all say that this is PAINFUL but excellent, and I honestly can’t wait.

expected publication: June 15th

I’m going to be honest, this is the one book on this list I’m unsure about, simply because it could be like every other YA fantasy I’ve consumed in the past few years.. and that is despite its gorgeous cover. But! I remember first hearing about this as a Wolf x Red Riding Hood romance and I still looove that description so I’m holding onto this.. at least until more reviews start to come in.

expected publication: June 22nd

I actually haven’t read the final Jane book because I had no interest in it, but I’m very much looking forward to My Contrary Mary, especially as we got a glimpse of Mary in My Lady Jane. I’m ready to be entertained and impressed, so I hope this won’t disappoint.

expected publication: August 17th

Ahh, this is easily one of my most awaited books of 2021!! I love Lucy Parker to the moon and back, so it’s super exciting that she’s getting published by Avon! On top of that, this is about a baking show and is enemies to lovers, so it could not possibly be more perfect.

expected publication: August 17th

Helen Hoang is one of my favorite authors and I’ve been eagerly awaiting this novel since I read The Bride Test, right after the novel’s publication. Quan appeared in both of the previous novels and I loved his character, so I’m sure this novel won’t disappoint.

expected publication: September 21st

Another of my top most awaited releases. The Green Bone Saga is easily one of the best series I’ve ever read and I have high expectations for its conclusion. I’ll definitely need to reread the first two books before I can dive into this one, so maybe it’s not so bad that I’ll have quite a bit of time to wait?

Woah, this post took way longer to complete than I expected! Like I said, I really thought I had few books I was excited about, but apparently that’s far from the truth. Two books that don’t have covers yet, but I’m looking forward to are Devil in Disguise by Lisa Kleypas – a new addition to her Ravenels series, which I actually wasn’t expecting – and Slow Burn by Olivia Dade, a follow up / companion to Spoiler Alert.

Let’s chat!

What are your most awaited 2021 releases? Anything I should be aware of? Are any of your favorite authors releasing new books in 2021? That always makes me so excited! Do we have any awaited releases in common?

30 thoughts on “21 of Vera’s Most Anticipated Book Releases of 2021

  1. wonderful list!! i’m so excited for all of these and added some to my TBR after reading this post – so many amazing books are coming out this year 🀩 i’m also very excited for Perfect on Paper bc Only Mostly Devastated was one of my favorite books of 2020 too!! Honey Girl also sounds incredible, especially since it’s been compared to Red, White & Royal Blue. some 2021 releases i’m excited for are Last Night at the Telegraph Club by Malinda Lo and One Last Stop by Casey McQuiston :))

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! πŸ™‚ So glad you found some to add to your tbr. πŸ˜€ Only Mostly Devastated is sooo bloody good!! I have such high hopes for Perfect on Paper. I’ve just looked up Last Night at the Telegraph Club because I haven’t heard of it before and it sounds fantastic. 🀩 Added it to my tbr!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I really loved seeing your list of 2021 releases. I feel like I’ve heard a few people saying how much they would love a fairy-tale collection for The Hazel Wood so it is awesome that they are doing one. I hope you love it.
    Wow… that plot for Honey Girl does seem amazing for sure !!
    I hadn’t seen the cover for Sweethand but that cover is absolutely stunning, the tones and illustration is amazing. It does sound like a great plot and one that would make a great movie too, haha!!
    I’m excited for the continuation of Janna’s story in Misfits in Love, especially in regards to a certain love interest.. I’m hoping so anyway haha. I also really like the colours on the cover!!
    I hope you get to read and love all of these books !! πŸ’•

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! πŸ’• I hope The Hazel Wood collection doesn’t disappoint – short story collections can be a hit and miss, I think. I’m so excited for Honey Girl, it sounds fantastic. Sweethand’s cover is definitely one of the best illustrated covers I’ve ever seen, it immediately makes me want to pick up the book.
      I hope we’ll both love Misfits in Love!! I have very high hopes for it. πŸ’•

      Liked by 1 person

  3. i hope you enjoy all of these releases vera!! i’m so excited for meet cute diary too—i follow the author on twitter & i just love eir takes on problems within the publishing industry. i also think that it’ll be a tropey in a really fun way and this time with marginalized characters at the helm! & haha i’m very excited for jade legacy too i wanna know how the war between the mountain & the kauls concludes 😭😭 i’m also so excited for the next generation of characters that we’re going to meet!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! πŸ’• Ahh, so excited for Meet Cute Diary – definitely agree with you, it’s going to be tropey but in the best way possible. Just yesterday, I saw Fonda Lee’s tweet about Jade Legacy, and I’m so scared after what she shared. :O I have super high hopes for the book.


  4. So many good books releasing in 2021! πŸ₯° I’m also excited for Counting Down With You, The Ghosts We Keep, My Contrary Mary, and Tokyo Ever After! Especially looking forward to Misfit In Love, I love that we’re getting a second book as I loved the first one ❀

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Sweethand has the most adorable cover, and I’m infinitely excited for Meet Cute Diary!! The author promised it’s a full-on rom-com, and I’m here for cheesy goodness and trans joy!

    Honey Girl, Perfect on Paper, Counting Down With You, and basically all the other contemporaries are also on my radar this year!

    My most anticipated for 2021 is definitely Empire of the Vampire by Jay Kristoff – my longest awaited AND my favourite author in one! I can’t wait for 700+ pages of epic goodness.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. We have so many most anticipated releases in common! Mostly all the romances, to be honest!

    First off, I have ARCs of Honey Girl and The Intimacy Experiment but they’re some of my most anticipated reads regardless. And having already started Honey Girl, let me just tell you that so far it is FANTASTIC!

    Other books that I can’t wait to read that I don’t already have access too are Sweethand, The Heart Principle, Meet Cute Diary, and Counting Down With You. I’m actually quite happy at the mix of debuts and previously read authors that make up my most anticipated reads. Normally I think I don’t have as many debuts on my list!

    Some ones that you didn’t mention that I can’t wait to read are One Last Stop, A Pho Love Story, and We Can’t Keep Meeting Like This! I honestly think that this year I have the biggest amount of anticipated book from any other year that I can recall, but I’ll spare you from listing them all!

    Hopefully we both end up loving all the books that we can’t wait to read!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Just like 2020, this year also seems to be such a good year for romance readers! Ahh, so excited for your thoughts on Honey Girl and The Intimacy Experiment. I no longer request ARCs, but I was super-close to requesting the latter – I’m so excited after The Roommate.

      I checked out A Pho Love Story and We Can’t Keep Meeting Like This and they sound fantastic! The latter reminded me that I need to read Today Tonight Tomorrow AND that I forgot to include The Ex Talk by Rachel Lynn Solomon, although I’m incredibly excited for that too.

      Fingers crossed none of our most awaited will disappoint!

      Liked by 1 person

  7. AH this list, what a list! 😍 I am so looking forward to reading so many of these, especially honey girl, meet cute diary, the ones we’re meant to find and counting down with you, they sound SO incredible! 😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m honestly not sure why the author wrote a sequel, I thought the end of The Hazel Wood was so finale, and – I think this is an unpopular opinion – satisfying / unique. I’m actually currently reading Tales of the Hinterland and it’s excellent! Hope you’ll love it!

      Liked by 1 person

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