Wrap Up

September Wrap Up, ft. Being Tired, YA Lit and Some Movies

Great news everyone – we’ve made it through September!  October always means to me that we are nearing the end – and in my opinion, the most exciting part – of the year.  In Australia, October signals to me that summertime is on its way and that I have sunshine to look forward to soon.

This month we want to encourage you to help protect trans rights around the world.  Here is a list of petitions you can sign to help with specific trans issues occurring right now in different countries and here is a link that lists places you can donate and find other resources too.

Now, we’ll talk about what we did, read and watched this month!

Life Updates


So, September was not a great time for me and I don’t really want to talk about why because I think I am starting to get past it.  Still, as a result, I basically checked out of my life and spent the whole time distracting myself (when I wasn’t sleeping) with 20% watching TV shows and 80% playing Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links online (which I might have become slightly addicted to once again).  In case you don’t know, it is a card game where you build a deck of “monsters”, traps and spells and compete against other players (either real people or computers, it’s up to you).  There’s a lot more to the game now, but that’s the very basics.  I used to love the physical card game as a kid, but I always struggled to find anyone who would play with me, so it’s really interesting to be able to play online now.

I’m afraid this all means I haven’t been blogging or reading as much as I would have usually and I’m sorry I haven’t read many of your posts over this time.  Hopefully I will get back into the swing of things this month!


I feel like I didn’t do anything interesting during September, mostly for the following reasons; (1) uni started and I’ve been busy (this semester is going to be horrible.. it already is, lmao) and (2) there are hundreds of new COVID-19 cases in Hungary every day, so I’ve been staying home. If you’re wondering, no, there are essentially no restrictions besides having to wear a mask in certain places. Unbelievable. 😶 One thing that did happen and was nice was celebrating my mom’s birthday – we had cake and she loved the presents I got her, which made me extremely happy. 😊

With regards to uni, I do have some things to share! Firstly, I can’t remember if I told you this already, but all of my classes are online, which is such a relief as I typically commute to uni and the trains are always crowded. It’s good to avoid that in a pandemic. Secondly, I’m genuinely enjoying most of my classes. 🥳 That being said, the professors seem to have the misconception that students have more time and brain space right now than usual – perhaps, because of having online classes – so we have a massive workload for every class. I’m so tired, and uni started less than a month ago.

Finally, I’ve chosen a topic for my MA thesis, and I’m actually excited to start working on it. It took some time for me to get to a point where I thought of a topic I genuinely want to work on, but I’ve arrived there so yay! For those who are wondering, I’ll be writing about Australian YA literature, talking about stuff like classic Aus YA, diversity in Aus YA, and how YA can be used in education.

What We Read


As I said earlier, I didn’t do much reading this month.  In fact, I only finished reading one book, Felix Ever After by Kacen Callender, so that’s all I am going to talk about.  Unfortunately I didn’t fall in love with the book, but I did enjoy it.  I really liked all the nuanced discussions that took place throughout the story, and I liked the main character quite a lot too.  I didn’t feel like I got to know any of the characters outside of Felix and the pacing didn’t work well for me either.  The main problem I had though was one of the plot points.  I just don’t seem to ever like when one character (and the reader) knows a secret that is going to cause someone else pain and keeps it from them, but you know at some point the truth is going to come out.  I recently read Words in Deep Blue which had this sort of plot point too – it causes me so much frustration!  Still, Felix Ever After had refreshingly messy teenage relationships and I loved the way everything concluded, so I rated it 3.5 stars.


I was so bloody excited for all the new releases of September, so it pains me that I only got to two of them. The beginning of the month was a fine, but as the COVID-19 cases started rising in Hungary and the fall semester at uni began, I became more and more stressed which led to me not feeling up to reading. Usually, I’d reach for my comfort reads but a few months ago I discovered the wonderful world of fanfiction, so I’ve buried myself in The Magnus Archives fanfiction recently (as in, in the past for months, lmao.) In any case, I still managed to read 11 books, which is a fair number all things considered. My average rating for the month was 3.8 which is the fourth worst so far this year. I don’t have the time nor the inclination to share every book I read – sorry! – so I’m only giving you the best and the worst reads of September.

Friends, let me introduce you to Cemetery Boys, aka one of my favorite novels of September and the first YA novel written about a transgender character, by a transgender author that hit the NYT Bestseller list. 🥳 This book is so soft and so wonderful, you all. If you are looking for something to read during the Halloween season, look no farther, Cemetery Boys is the most wholesome spooky read you can find. ★★★★★

I know Halloween is far away and all, but I found myself wanting to read horror and so I picked up Into the Drowning Deep, and I really don’t regret that decision. (As someone who loves horror films, it is a crime that I don’t read more horror, so if you have any recommendations, hit me with them, please!) I’ll be posting a review for this during Spooky October, our Halloween event, so keep your eyes peeled open for that if you are interested. ★★★★

I’ve heard lots of great things about Fredrik Backman, so I finally caved in and picked up A Man Called Ove by him, and you all.. this book was fantastic. It’s a slower, quieter read, but that doesn’t take away from how powerful it is and how it punched me right in the feels. Ove is a grumpy old man who hides a pretty soft and caring person under his hard exterior, and I really grew to love him as the novel progressed. He actually reminded me of the old man from the movie Up, so if you liked that character, you’ll probably like Ove. ★★★★★

Take a deep breath, because we are diving into the disappointing reads section of my September. Ready? Okay, let’s go.

Not You #LoveStory was easily one of my most awaited releases of 2020, so the fact that I hated it makes me want to cry. Don’t take my word for this because the majority of its readers really loved this novel, but I simply could not stand its characters and I don’t think Hartl did a good job of adapting the #PlanBae debacle. On top of that, the ending killed me, it really, truly did. I love when characters are passionate about their hobby and Macy was so passionate about her youtube channel, so fuck that ending, seriously. ★★

Gone Girl is one of my all time favorite novels and I loved Dark Places too, so I thought I had nothing to worry about when picking up Sharp Objects. Boy, was I wrong. This book bore me to death.. and look, I love thriller and horror so I read a lot of stuff with darker subjects, but this? It was too much even for me. It made me feel so uncomfortable and disgusted at so many parts. ★★

What We Watched


My Yu-Gi-Oh! binge continued outside of the computer game and I ended up watching the entire first season this month.  Unfortunately Netflix for some reason only has seasons one and three, so I stopped after the first.  Two other shows I started in September areMerlin and Marlon.  They’re both new to me, and I am enjoying them both for the most part.  Sometimes Merlin himself makes some really irritating decisions and Marlon himself can be too annoying for me, lol.  I also continued watching old seasons of Australian Survivor and the new season of The Block.

For movies, I rewatched two: Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams and The Hitman’s BodyguardSpy Kids is a longterm favourite of mine and it was fun to rewatch it with my sister.  The Hitman’s Bodyguard was, to be honest, not as funny as I remembered it being but still enjoyable enough.  The only new-to-me movie I watched this month was Bumblebee which surprised me by being, again, enjoyable enough.  The character of Bumblebee was so cute – and I never thought I would be saying that about a robot.

Posts We Loved
Let’s Chat!

How was your month? Are you excited that it’s October now? What were your favourite reads in September? Let us know!

24 thoughts on “September Wrap Up, ft. Being Tired, YA Lit and Some Movies

  1. Sabrina, sorry to hear September wasn’t great for you. I hope you have managed to make it through it all. I hope your October is better. But yay for rediscovering a game you loved. Hopefully you get back into reading and discover some great books.

    Vera, I feel you on the mess of Covid, I’m going out more again just because I feel like I need to make the most of seeing friends, especially while we can go out and meet up after having months of not seeing each other. But glad to hear you’re enjoying your classes, I know you were worried. You liked Into the Drowning Deep? I’ve had it on my shelf for like the past year, I need to read it and now you’re making me think I need to read it for Halloween even though I never read Halloween reads.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. @ Sabrina: there’s nothing wrong with checking out from your life when you need it. Sometimes your mental health depends on it. Then you can refill your tank and be ready to face the world again! I’ve always wondered how it is to celebrate Christmas in the summer LOL. I mean, I don’t know if you do celebrate it, but either way…happy summer!

    @ Vera: I’m glad you made peace with your online classes and are staying out of danger! I can’t believe you’re on your MA thesis already. I have to remind myself you were eighteen 5 years ago LOL. So you liked Rolling in the Deep? Yay! You know I love McGuire, but I still have to read one of her books as Mira Grant. I’m looking forward to start with that one (I’ll add it to my birthday/Christmas haul!).

    Have a spooktacular October girls!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I wish knewing that made me feel less guilty about it 😅 But I do agree! Haha, I have always wondered what it would be like to celebrate Christmas in winter! I imagine it must be a lot more cozy. Thanks Roberta! Hope you have a wonderful October 🙂


  3. I hope October’s better for you Sabrina! And I’m so sad to hear you didn’t;t completely fall in love with Felix Ever After as I’ve heard a lot about it!

    And uni is a disaster for me lol and it’s just my first semester. Congrats on choosing your MA Thesis Topic, Vera.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I’m sorry you didn’t have a great month, Sabrina! I hope things look up in October.

    Veronika, I am in the same boat with being stressed over COVID cases rising. We are breaking all kinds of records over here and it’s just so frustrating. Stay strong!

    I have Cemetery Boys on hold at the library and it should be available soon. I absolutely cannot wait to get to it. I also think it might be perfect to read in October.

    Thanks for sharing my post, ladies and I hope you guys have a great spooky season!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Emily, I hope so too 🙂

      I’ve got Cemetery Boys on hold at the library too! I think it’s going to take a while to get to me though – the queue is pretty long! I hope you enjoy it as much as Vera did!

      Hope you have a fantastic October!!


  5. OMG, Yu-Gi-Oh?? That is a blast from the past. I played that game with my brother all the time when I was younger, but we also struggled to find many others who wanted to play. Most everyone had moved on to Magic the Gathering, I think. But I still remember checking out DVDs of the TV show from the library and binging it. xD

    Ugh, yep, I have gone zero places since the pandemic hit my state. It’s been seven months and we still can’t leave the house without risking our own health. There are mask restrictions in place (technically), but everyone ignores them and there haven’t been any consequences for the businesses that haven’t enforced them. :/ It’s really disappointing and frustrating.

    I neeeeed Cemetery Boys, but my library doesn’t have it in yet. *sobs* It looks so spooky and wonderful! And I love A Man Called Ove but never thought to compare it to “Up” before. That’s a perfect description for it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol, I guess Yu-Gi-Oh is pretty old! You should definitely try out the online game/app if you ever miss those days :’) Ah yeah, I have heard about Magic the Gathering.

      I hope you manage to read Cemetery Boys at some point! I’m currently waiting for it for my library.

      Happy October!


  6. Its sorry that you didn’t have a great month Sabrina. And sorry that uni is feeling so stressful Veronika. I am happy you enjoyed cemetery boys I am hoping to read it with a friend of mine this month! I hope you both have a wonderful October❤︎

    Liked by 1 person

  7. i’m so sorry to hear that you had a bad month, sabrina. i’m glad you were able to check out of life for a little while to take care of yourself, i hope october is better to you ❤ but aah vera, i'm so happy you loved cemetery boys and into the drowning deep, i can't wait to read them! i've been meaning to read backman's books for so long now too aahh

    i hope you both have a great month! 💘


  8. Vera – Great news that you are enjoying all your classes. It makes doing all that hard work so much more satisfying. Sorry to hear Covid cases are on the rise (here too), but glad you can do all your work online. Doesn’t cake always make everything better?

    Sabrina — ((HUGS)) Sorry for whatever you were going through, though I am glad to hear you are able to move forward a bit.


  9. Awwww, Sabrina, I’m so sorry you had a rough month! My September wasn’t great either, so I’m quite familiar with the lack of energy to do any of the things that normally excite you, like blogging and reading. I just hope that October is much, much better! But don’t pressure yourself to blog or read, or blog hop until it’s something you feel up to doing. The book blogging world isn’t going anywhere! (And if you can’t tell from the fact that I’ve been commenting on some of your posts that are over a month old, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being a little late to the party!)

    Vera, I’m so happy for you that all your classes are online! My entire school went virtual, so that wasn’t something I needed to worry about, thankfully. And I’m with you on the weird expectation that we now have more time. No we don’t! And professors also seem to think that we don’t have lives now, and have become super strict with attendance and lateness policies, which is just infuriating, because internet problems happen! But like you, I really like most of my professors and I’m enjoying my classes, so at least there’s that!

    I love A Man Called Ove, so I’m very happy to hear that you enjoyed that one! And I’m sorry that you didn’t enjoy Sharp Objects! It’s the worst when a favorite author disappoints you!

    I hope you both have a wonderful October filled with great reads, and that it’s just an overall fantastic month!


  10. Sabrina, I felt kind of the same way with Felix Ever After, I really wanted to love it, and it was great, but it didn’t blow me away.
    Vera, I haven’t realized you were from Hungary! (I’m also from there, such a small world, right?) I’m glad you loved Cemetery Boys, I’ve recently read it and it was amazing!! So worth the hype.


  11. I can relate to not reading a ton because of being stressed by the world, unfortunately. 😅 Good luck to us! I’m sorry to hear that September was a tough month for you, Sabrina – I hope things look up in this month ❤

    Thank you so much for sharing my post! Happy October to you both!


  12. Sabrina: I’m so sorry to hear that September was tough for you, I hope things will be better soon 💕 Sad to hear that you didn’t like Felix Ever After as much as you wanted to, but sometimes that happens 😔

    Vera: Happy to hear that you’re enjoying your classes and that they’re online! My classes start in November and I’m already dreading the workload. I’m about 80% into Cemetery Boys and I love it so much as well!!! 🥰 Nervous about the ending though as I love all the characters so much 🥺


  13. Sabrina, I hope that October has been kinder to you, I’m sending you all the love and light ❤ ❤
    Vera, I'm so happy you're enjoying your classes so far and sending you all the strength for all the workload! Also, I'm very sad that you didn't love Not Your #LoveStory, it is one of my most anticipated reads and… well I'm a bit nervous to get to it now? ahah 🙂
    I hope you both will have a lovely month, take care ❤ ❤


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