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The Co-Blogger Tag: Who Is Most Likely To…?

Hello friends! The lovely Chana and Malka @ Paper Procrastinators tagged us in the Co-Blogger Tag, which was created by Mandy and Sha @ Book Princess Reviews. The tag contains “who is most likely to” questions, to which Sabrina and I replied either by naming ourselves or the other person.

I’ve known Sabrina from her days as a solo blogger, but we only really started to talk and become friends a little more than a year ago, I think? (I’m bad with time, though, so who knows.) And she joined W&W as a co-blogger in January, so I’m really excited to see how closely our answers align.

Read a romance novel?

Sabrina: I know I’ve been getting more into romance this year, but I think Vera is still more likely to be reading a romance at any given time!

Vera: It’s me, for sure. Sabrina has started to read romance novels – I like to think it’s at least partly my influence – but I read way more romance than she does.

Embarrass themselves at a meet and greet?

Sabrina: I have, in fact, embarrassed myself at a meet and greet before (Sarah J. Maas, in case you were wondering), so I claim this one, lol.

Vera: Sabrina. Not because she’s more likely to embarrass herself than I am, but because she lives in Australia, where they have more meet and greets than we do in Hungary. So, statistically speaking, Sabrina is more likely to have the chance to go and thus embarrass herself.

Fly to another country for a book event?

Sabrina: I have no real knowledge of this, but I’ve got to assume it would be easier and cheaper for Vera to fly from Hungary to another country than it would be for me to fly from Australia – so Vera!

Vera: Can I say neither of us? I don’t think either of us would travel, much less get on a plane, for a book event. I’d love to travel more internationally, but I’m more interested in the country/city than in a bookish event being hosted there.

Be a drama queen?

Sabrina: I’m pretty sure this depends on the situation, lol.

Vera: Me. I think I’m more likely to overreact and freak out over things whilst Sabrina is a lot calmer.

Hold their breath the longest?

Sabrina: My reasoning on this, is that Vera is more fit than I am (…I am not fit at all), so she is probably better at holding her breath – that’s how it works, right? 😅

Vera: I know this isn’t necessarily related to holding your breath, but Sabrina does a lot of yoga; taking deep breaths and concentrating on your breathing are important parts of yoga, as far as I understand.

Own a zoo?

Sabrina: We both really like animals, but I’m choosing myself for this question because I started a university course (years ago – I dropped out) for Wildlife and Conservation Biology with the intention of working for animals.  Although I guess the fact that I dropped out actually lowers my credibility…

Vera: I love going to the zoo and I love animals, but I think Sabrina is more likely to have her own zoo. Also! Australia has a lot of cool animals that we don’t have here, so maybe that’d mean having an easier time with starting a zoo? I don’t know.

Spend all their money on book merch/books?

Sabrina: I think this is actually different depending on whether it’s merch or books we are talking about.  I’m pretty sure I have seen Vera say she would buy pig merch before book merch, so I would be more likely to do that (even though I don’t really buy merch either, lol).  However, I do think Vera buys more actual books than me!

Vera: Me. I don’t buy merch, as most of it is made up of stuff that seems unusable and unnecessary for me (not to mention pricey), but I do buy books. A lot more than Sabrina does, who makes an excellent use of her well-stacked public library. (And yes!! Like Sabrina said, I have a fondness for pigs, there are a lot of pigs on my shelves.)

Break a world record?

Sabrina: I’m struggling with this question because it’s not specific at all!  All things considered though, I would pick Vera because she is very organised and determined.

Vera: I’m going to go with Sabrina, because she seems way more likely to break a record than I am. 😅

Be the kindest person in the world?

Sabrina: Vera!  She is so kind and understanding.  She somehow always knows what to say to make me feel better.

Vera: Sabrina is miles and miles kinder than I am, especially right now. The pandemic has made me realize that people are even bigger assholes than I thought, which is to say something because I already had a terrible opinion of them. 🙈

Laugh at the wrong moment?

Sabrina: I do this all the time, it’s terrible.

Vera: Sabrina, I think? I don’t have a reason for thinking this, but I do.

Read every book in the school library?

Sabrina: I would like to say I was on my way to this when I was in high school, but I really wasn’t.  I did realise that it had some different books to my regular library, so I did check a few out over the years!  To be honest though, I don’t think either of us would read that much nonfiction.

Vera: Sabrina! Okay, I don’t know about her school library, but like I said, she makes great use of her public library, so I assume she did the same when she was still in school.

Get stuck in a swing?

Sabrina: Right now it is illegal for me to go on a park swing so, Vera gets this one by default.

Vera: Me! Remember what I said about Sabrina doing yoga? She’s more flexible and in better shape than I am, so the chances of her getting stuck in a swing are slim.

Fall asleep while reading a book?

Sabrina: I absolutely can’t do this!  I’m actually a little bit jealous of people who can fall asleep this easily.  So again, I am voting Vera for this question even though I have no idea if she does this, haha.

Vera: Sabrina. I don’t know the answer to this for sure, but I’ve never fallen asleep while reading, and I generally have more trouble with falling asleep than Sabrina.

Let’s chat!

Are you likely to do any of these things? Were you surprised by some of our answers? Do you have a co-blogger? If yes, consider yourselves tagged! We’d love to see your answers.

6 thoughts on “The Co-Blogger Tag: Who Is Most Likely To…?

  1. “The pandemic has made me realize that people are even bigger assholes than I thought, which is to say something because I already had a terrible opinion of them. 🙈”
    Preach it! And to think that when the lockdown started, everyone on TV and other media (in Italy at least) was like “we’ll come out of this as better individuals” 🙄.

    This was a fun post, and even if you haven’t been cobloggers for long, it sounds like you know each other pretty well! Now I would like to see Ruzi dragged into such a thing LOL.


  2. This was such fun to read! Sometimes I wish I had a co-blogger since it would make posting more often easier, but then I remember I’m an only child and therefore terrible at sharing 😅

    I didn’t know you liked pigs, Vera! I’ve got a couple of little glass pigs on my shelves.

    And Sabrina, I’d love to hear the embarrassing meet and greet story! I’ve never met an author but I’m sure I’d make a fool of myself if I did 😂


  3. Guys this tag was great! I think neither of you give yourselves enough credit for how brilliant you are, the nicer ones you were constantly trying to say the other fit better. Like the kindness one, by nominating the other you automatically show yourself off to be kinder. I do want to hear how you embarrassed yourself at the SJM event, though. That really deserved some elaboration. I need details!


  4. I’m so happy to see that you did this tag! I hope you had fun!

    I think that some of these questions are super tricky though, which makes it more fun to read, because you get to see the thought process that each blogger used to come up with their answer! I also found it interesting how many answers were purely based off location for the two of you, which didn’t really factor in for Chana and I because we live relatively close to one another! (Not only in the same country, but in the same state as well!)


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