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Post Ideas I’ve Scrapped

Hey everyone, it’s Sabrina 🙂  Today I want to talk a little bit about some blog post ideas that I’ve scrapped.  Not every idea is a winner, and though sometimes I can push through with an idea that I initially don’t think is great and end up with something I am proud of, there are a lot of posts that have not made the cut.  I’m not saying these ideas are necessarily bad, just that they didn’t work out for me and the direction I found myself going with them.  By putting them all together in this post I’m hoping I’ve found some use for them and the time I spent on them hasn’t go entirely to waste!


What it was:  The follow up to my Wednesday post of plot twists I don’t like, was of course going to be the opposite.  I came up with four kinds that I usually love:
🌸 When Character A and Character B turn out to be the same person
🌸 When the villain has a surprise accomplice
🌸 When the narrator turns out to have been the villain all along
🌸 When a character has been dead the entire time

Why it didn’t work:  Unlike with the plot twists I don’t like, I don’t have many specific reasons for liking these ones outside of the fact that they’re shocking and play with your emotions.  Plus, I could only come up with four, not five like I had wanted to.


What is was:  You tell me, because I have no idea what this means.  The examples I have listed in my notes are: Platform Seven, Still Life With Tornado, The Secret History and Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine.  I guess they are books that seem to be about normal, everyday life and then turn into something else.

Why it didn’t work:  I think I’ve about summed it up above – I didn’t really know what my definitely of a “quiet book” was, so it was difficult to explain why I chose the examples I did and to find more.


What it was:  The title is quite self-explanatory, but I had picked out some of my favourite Youtubers outside of Booktube and started thinking about books I thought they might like.  It was going to be like my post earlier this year where I recommended movies to my favourite book characters – there would be no real way to know if my suggestions were truly good.

Why it didn’t work:  I honestly couldn’t think of any books to recommend that seemed right enough.  I said to myself that I didn’t want to suggest books for Booktubers because it was too much pressure – it might turn out that they’d already read and hated the books or they could read them in the future (coincidentally, not off my recommendation, lol) and I’d be proven wrong (and I hate being wrong) – but I think that would have actually been a lot easier.  Most of the people I had picked were makeup or fashion or art Youtubers, and outside of their specific topics, I didn’t have much knowledge of what they liked when it came to stories.


What it was: I had the doomed idea that during lockdown I could dedicate all my reading time to the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas, finally get it all finished, and then write one or two posts about my thoughts and experience.

Why it didn’t work: I’m ridiculously bad at reading the books that I already own.  I may actually have an addiction to clicking the “place hold” button on my library website and, as I have recently discovered, on Libby as well.  Books with a return deadline automatically get priority to books I own, in my mind.  So, I am still yet to read both Tower of Dawn and Kingdom of Ash both of which have been sitting on my bookshelf since they were released.  Additionally, I don’t think I would have done a great job of explaining my feelings as I read the series or hiding spoilers for anyone who hasn’t read the books.


What it was: I gave Don’t Look Back by Jennifer L. Armentrout 4 stars when I read it.  But I can’t remember a single thing about it now, except that it was apparently a mystery and probably had a romantic side plot.  I was going to talk about this, read the book again and then compare it to what I remembered.

Why it didn’t work:  I must have forgotten this book for a reason – it wasn’t memorable.  So what was the point of going back and reading it again?  Also, it’s really hard to talk about a book you don’t remember at all.  Do you see the problem?  Somehow that didn’t cross my mind as a potential problem when starting to write the post.


What it was: The idea is that I would write what was essentially an essay about how my experience reading these two books mirrored the mindsets of their main characters – all of whom were on trajectory to gain almost limitless power.  In Middlegame, Roger and Dodger experienced joy when discovering and developing their powerful abilities and that was part of what drove them.  I continued to read the book because I was excited to see what would happen next – even if that ended up disappointing me in the end.  In The Library at Mount Char, Caroline pursues power so that she can have ultimate knowledge and control.  I finished that book because I wanted to know what would happen, even if I wasn’t necessarily enjoying the journey.

Why it didn’t work:  Did you read that title?  It was not destined to come to fruition.  What I had wanted to be complex and coherent was always a jumbled mess of me constantly repeating myself whilst also trying to sound smart, lol.  It was also definitely not a comparative review.  I quickly ran out of things to say, especially since I read Middlegame mid last year and have forgotten a lot about it.

What do you think?

Do you reject post ideas very often, or do you follow through with everything in one way or another?  Any thoughts on the ideas I have scrapped?  Let me know!


24 thoughts on “Post Ideas I’ve Scrapped

  1. This is a very unique post, Sabrina! I definitely have had a lot of ideas for posts that I just realize would never work. Blogging is a trial and error process!

    About your “quiet books with big impact idea” the first thing I thought of was books that appear to be about the mundane but then have some sort of fantasy/magic realism aspect. Not sure if that’s what you were going for, but I think it’s a cool concept!

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  2. I’m actually pretty curious about your post about the book your mind forgot. Four stars seems like it would have been decent enough for you to enjoy a second time! I wonder if you would start to remember parts of the story if you did read it again? hmmmm

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    1. I read this comment when you first left it, and it has stuck with me – because you’re right, four stars does seem like “it would have been decent enough” for me to enjoy again. I still may reread this book in the future, and I guess then I will see if it’s worth writing a post about the experience!

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  3. This was so interesting to read! It’s actually so comforting to learn why you’ve scrapped these posts because gosh knows I can relate 😅. I do that a lot also where I have books ready for a recommendation post or something, but I can’t actually explain the theme behind my recommendations 😂. I can see what you mean about quiet books with big impact though! Eleanor Oliphant definitely fits in that category 🙂. And oh my gosh, sounding like a jumbled mess instead of conplex and coherent is very relatable 😂. I also really love the narrator being the villain the whole time trope, although I haven’t read too many books with it. I guess it would be hard to make a recommendation post for that hahaha 😅. Awesome post as usual, Sabrina 😄!

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  4. I really like this post! It’s cool to get a peek of what goes on in other bloggers minds. Certain ideas and why it didn’t end up working. So much fun to read about! Also now I feel less bad about all my craply drafted posts that will probably never see the light of day 😂

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  5. This is such a great idea for a post! I have so many ideas that I scrap because I over-plan and then end up struggling to actually write those posts that I planned. I recently scrapped a discussion post about why books are held to a higher standard than other forms of media but it just became a jumbled mess thanks to my current headspace. I’ll probably try again in the future!


  6. I have an absolutely huge list of post ideas on my phone, but honestly, there’s so many that I’ve never really had to reject one because I just pick out whichever ones interest me most and the rest just get left at the bottom. 😅 I do try to filter out any negative posts however, as I want to create a positive space. I don’t want to potentially hurt anyone’s feelings by complaining about their favourite book! This was super interesting to read – it’s definitely a good idea to get some use out of the work put into these posts! 😄


  7. Ah this is such a lovely idea for a post! I have so many ideas written down everywhere, and … I never really scrap them? I mean, if I’m not inspired, I just don’t do it, but I keep it there because I never know when I might find the inspiration, or the brand new spin on the idea that will eventually make it work. I’m hopeful like that hahhaa 🙂
    I love the idea of a quiet books with big impact post, though. I think it’d be so interesting to share these kind of books that aren’t too loud, too hyped or where nothing plot twist-screaming-murders-epic-battles and things happen, but they’re still very impactful! 😀


  8. Oh, I really love this post! It’s great to reflect back on all the ideas that didn’t quite work out and talk about them 🥰 I definitely like the one about the plot twists you like, though I can understand that sometimes you just love things without a huge explanation 😄


  9. I have had some great ideas, but nothing to back it up. I just cannot do a post like that. I mean, I guess I could just write blah, blah, blah, but I think it’s important to have examples or data to back up the idea.


  10. I love that you’ve found a way to use those posts you never finished to write a post… I would do that but a lot of the time I don’t give posts a title until I’ve finished writing it since I never know what I want to talk about until I’ve rambled for several paragraphs. Doesn’t have the same impact when you list ‘Untitled Post #1’, ‘Untitled Post #2’ does it? The post about the book you’ve forgotten about, is that the book where she loses her memory? I feel like I’ve read it and I don’t remember it. Or I vaguely do, I don’t know. God, if I wrote a book about the books I’d forgotten it would be long! I forget a lot of books, I am terrible, it’s not always the book’s fault I am just very forgetful.


  11. I love your “quiet books with big impact” idea, and definitely see what you mean by “quiet” there, even though it’s difficult to define it. Eleanor Oliphant definitely makes this list!


  12. Fun post idea! And yes, at least your work wasn’t entirely wasted 😉.

    “When the narrator turns out to have been the villain all along”.
    There’s an Agatha Christie book with this kind of twist…and it got me fooled.

    LOL, this was an ambitious post idea if I ever saw one. Anyway, another reason why you probably made the right choice when you scrapped it is that it was a very specific post, and you would need someone to have read BOTH books for it to work. Incidentally, I read Middlegame and I LOVED it! I’m sorry it didn’t make a huge impression on you.


  13. I really liked this post and I think your ideas were all valid, and then the reasons you didn’t go through with them were undeniably valid as well. I liked the idea of the throne of glass series comparison idea… I have been thinking that when I complete a long series like that I might do a ranking kind of video, like starting from worst to best in the series – maybe that could be an alternative way of doing it without spoiling the whole series?


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