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Recommending Movies to my Favourite Book Characters

Hello, it’s Sabrina again!  Today I bring you a bit of a silly post in which I recommend movies to some of my favourite book characters!  I’m a little bit nervous because for some reason I’m convinced that somehow in one of these books, there might have been a line such as “Katniss Everdeen absolutely hated The Lego Movie,” or something of the sort.  So, if you have concrete evidence that any of my suggestions are absolutely terrible, let me know so I can quietly delete this post 😉

To Lazlo from Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor, I recommend Stardust

I raved about Lazlo, my precious boy, in my last post, so I’ll spare you the gushing today.  I think he would greatly appreciate the adventure and fanciful nature of Stardust.  Lazlo and Tristan, the protagonist of the movie, have quite similar journeys (though they are very different characters), and I think he would enjoy seeing that too.  Am I mostly recommending Stardust to Lazlo because it is my favourite movie and he is my favourite character?  I will never know myself, so I guess you’ll never find out either.

To Ronan from The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater, I recommend John Wick

You can’t tell me someone who loves something called the Murder Squash Song wouldn’t enjoy the choreographed violence that is John Wick.  I also think Ronan would appreciate the main character’s puppy-related motivation.  (PS. I have not yet read Call Down the Hawk – so no spoilers!)

To Sophie from Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones, I recommend Pride and Prejudice

I believe very strongly that Sophie would relate so much with Elizabeth Bennet, particularly when it comes to having sisters and a love interest that is difficult to deal with.  I think the society Sophie has grown up with is also similar to that of the era of Pride and Prejudice (although, with magic of course), so hopefully it wouldn’t be too strange for her.

To Anden from Jade City by Fonda Lee, I recommend Kingsman: The Secret Service

Kingsman is a pretty good mix of comedy and action, and I think Anden would find it amusing, particularly given the emphasis on manners and codes shared by the Kingsmen in the movie and his family of Green Bones.

To Ophelia from A Winter’s Promise by Christelle Dabos, I recommend Gravity

Ophelia’s endurance is out of this world incredible, and for that reason I think she would appreciate the plight of the astronauts in the movie Gravity.  Both the movie and A Winter’s Promise are stories about never giving up, no matter what is thrown at you.

To Alexia from Soulless by Gail Carriger, I recommend Mary Poppins

I’m not totally convinced that you could get Alexia to sit down long enough to actually watch a movie, but whenever reading a book from the Parasol Protectorate series, I was struck by how similar I found Alexia and the one and only Mary Poppins.  They share such sensible dispositions, a disdain for the chaotic and an appreciation of good manners.  I think, despite what she might say, Alexia would like the heartwarming nature of the movie as well.

To Zayneb from Love From A to Z by S.K. Ali, I recommend Captain Marvel

I think Zayneb would truly relate to Carol Danvers.  Carol is constantly being told that she has to reign in her emotions, as is Zayneb, so there is potential for a strong connection there.  Zayneb would surely appreciate that Carol doesn’t apologise for who she is – and who she is, is a smart and powerful woman, just like her.

To Penryn from Angelfall by Susan Ee, I recommend The Hunger Games

Okay, for some reason this one seems a little bit more like cheating than the rest of the movies in this list also based on books, but I had to do it.  Penryn is so much like Katniss, particularly due to their special fighting skills coming in handy in unexpected ways and their tight bonds with their sisters.  They are both survivors, and I think Penryn would get something important out of seeing Katniss persevere and succeed.

What do you think?

What do you think of my recommendations?  Do you have any other suggestions for these characters?  Let me know what your favourite movie is!


17 thoughts on “Recommending Movies to my Favourite Book Characters

  1. What a unique idea, Sabrina! I totally agree that Ronan would love John Wick. I haven’t read Call Down the Hawk yet either, but it’s on my shelf. I can’t wait to read it soon!

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  2. Definitely agree with the Hunger Games x Angelfall combination. I love The Raven Cycle and as I love a good humor and also a good action film, I think I need to watch the Wick series. I have been told multiple times that I will love them as well. Ooh, I may not be a Pride and P fan but I did love the movie with Kiera Knightly in it… maybe just because she is in to be honest 😛 Which goes to show I need to read Howls Moving Castle. I was a bit disappointed by Gravity though, if I am honest. Visually stunning but not an intriguing film?

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    1. So happy you agree with the Hunger Games and Angelfall suggestion! It’s been a while since I watched John Wick, I just remember there being tonnes of violence and maybe a little humour. I hope you enjoy the movies if you get to watch them!
      Shocked to hear that you’re not a Pride and Prejudice fan – mostly because I thought everyone was! – but can definitely relate to enjoying a movie simply because of Kiera Knightley :’)
      Yeah, I didn’t really like Gravity either. Mostly because I am terrified of outer space, but also as you say, it wasn’t very interesting.

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      1. I tend to gravitate to her other novels… Sense and Sensibility, Northanger Abbey, Mansfield Park… I’m an odd one 😛

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  3. What a creative and super-fun idea for a blog post! I actually super love these pairings, especially the Strange the Dreamer / Stardust one. And you’re so right: Ronan would LOVE John Wick!

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  4. This is such a fun post! I haven’t finished Strange the Dreamer yet but I love the film Stardust and I think Lazlo would too. I’d love to do my own version of this but I don’t watch enough movies 😂 Maybe I could go meta and recommend books to book characters!

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