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The Best Reads of the Second Half of 2019

Hello friends! If you know me at all, you likely know that I read a lot, which is why I opted for making my yearly favorites and least favorites lists bi-yearly in 2019. This means that at the beginning of July, you’ve already gotten my favorite reads of the first half of the year, and today I am here with the best books I’ve read in the second half of 2019.

Comparing my first and second half ‘best of’ lists will show you two things (1) I’ve gotten better at formatting πŸ˜…, and (2) I read more outstanding books in the second half of the year than in the first. Today I brought you 24 books I genuinely wish to highlight and shout about, while in July, I had only 17 to show you, even though I read approximately the same number of books in the first and second half of the year (72 vs. 75)

Of course, the best can’t exist without a worst category, at least least for me, so you’ll get all of my disappointing reads in the second installment of this post, coming on Saturday.

But for today, let us concentrate on the most outstanding novels I read in the past six months! ✨


by Sonia Hartl

Have a Little Faith in Me would 1000% make it onto my top ten books list of the whole damn year, and I need you all to give it a chance. In an attempt to get back together with her ex, CeCe signs up for a religious summer camp with her best friend, Paul, despite not being religious herself. Seeing her ex with another girl prompts CeCe to fake a relationship with Paul, changing their friendship in unexpected ways. Guys, this book is both humorous and serious – it’s laugh-out-loud funny, but it also deals with important subjects, like consent and sex ed, and it focuses on female friendship.

edited by Elsie Chapman

Friends, Hungry Hearts is hands down one of the most precious books I’ve ever held in my hands. It contains 13 stories from 13 authors with different cultural backgrounds, each centering around food, aka the best thing in the world. Besides making me very-very hungry and curious to try all the food I haven’t yet, it also felt like a warm, comforting blanket I could hide under. It’s the perfect read for winter, and it deserves all your love and support, so seriously, go and buy/borrow it.

Quick note: I’m including Hungry Hearts in the contemporary section, because it feels contemporary, but it does have fantasy elements.

edited by Sangu Mandanna

After how much I adored Hungry Hearts, I knew I needed to give a chance to more anthologies – in the past few years I’d convinced myself they aren’t my cup of tea, but man, I was wrong, and these two masterful anthologies proved that. Color Outside the Lines features interracial love stories, and I have to say, each and every one made me feel all the feels. Fear, hope, grief… this collection has all those emotions and more, and is bound to make you both sad and happy (but mostly happy!)

Note: Similarly to Hungry Hearts, Color Outside the Lines contains fantasy elements in some of its stories, but it deals with real life issues.


by Samantha Hastings

I’ll die screaming about The Last Word, aka the most charming novel I read in 2019. The year is 1861, and Lucinda has been an avid reader of Mrs. Smith’s serial, thus she is understandably devastated to hear of the author’s passing… that happened before she could wrap up the serial. Not one to give up, Lucinda sets out on a journey with the help of her childhood friend, David, to find out more about the mysterious author and to possibly discover the ending of the unfinished story. Can we all agree that childhood best friends turned enemies to lovers is a superior trope? Hastings made excellent use of that trope and created a story that was both swoony and fun, something I highly recommend to anyone who enjoys historical fiction.

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by Riley Sager

Riley Sager is one of the best mystery-thriller authors I’ve ever had the chance to read, and he (at this point, unsurprisingly) delivered with his newest novel, Lock Every Door. Needing the money, Jules takes the position of an apartment sitter at a luxurious and incredibly private building, not realizing the dangers that lurk there. Lock Every Door is a captivating, edge-of-your-seat novel that continuously surprised me with its twist and turns and had me engrossed in the story from start to finish. I couldn’t recommend this (+ Sager’s previous books) enough, I seriously couldn’t.
TW: mention of suicide, an instance of self-harm

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by Alice Feeney

To begin with, all we know about Amber Reynolds is that (1) she is in a coma, (2) her husband doesn’t love her anymore, and (3) sometimes she lies. Having the main character in a coma is a unique concept and it’s done magnificently in Sometimes I Lie. We see Amber struggle to piece together what is going on around her, while we also get the events leading up to her being in a coma. It’s dark and kind of disturbing, and it’s probably one of the most twisty novels I’ve read this year. There are twists upon twists upon twists, and all of them are well-written and surprising.

by Lily Anderson

Undead Girl Gang is a novel I’d describe as pure delight – yes, it deals with grief and losing a friend, but it has so much more going on than that. Mila Flores doesn’t believe that her best friend, Riley, killed herself, so she turns to magic and brings Riley back to life. The only problem? Mila also resurrects two recently deceased mean-girls who are pissed about being dead, and want to know what happened to them. Mila has seven days to figure out what happened to the three girls before the spell ends, sending them back to their graves. Undead Girl Gang is a superb novel that concentrates on female friendship, letting go, and making new connections.

by Darcy Coates

The Carrow Haunt is part mystery-thriller, part horror, but it’s a wholly entertaining read from start to finish. Remy, the tour guide of Carrow Haunt, is asked to host seven guests for a week-long stay at the house. Excited about the possibility of finding proof for the existance of the supernatural, she agrees but will soon come to regret that decision. I love haunted house novels and movies, and The Carrow Haunt really stood out for me with its well-written characters and chilling atmosphere.

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by Kimberly McCreight

I went into Reconstructing Amelia with low expectations, but I shouldn’t have worried. The novel follows Kate whose daughter, Amelia, jumps off her high school’s roof. Kate, while baffled by her daughter’s suicide, accepts the police’s conclusion.. that is, until she starts to get messages that claim Amelia didn’t kill herself. I have to say, despite my slight problems, Reconstructing Amelia is one of the best mystery-thrillers I read in 2019 – it’s fascinating and intriguing, and even though the final twist didn’t surprise me, the book was filled with shocking scenes and is well-worth reading.

by Jane Harper

The Lost Man is easily one of the best mysteries I’ve ever read, even though it concentrates just as much – or even more heavily – on Nathaniel and his family as it does on the mystery. Cameron, the middle brother, is found dead and while the death is ruled a suicide, Nathaniel cannot help but wonder – did someone from their family or employees kill his brother? I think the best thing about The Lost Man is the journey the characters, particularly Nathaniel, go through. He has a lot to realize, understand and reflect on, and he grows and evolves so much in the course of the novel.


by Lucy Parker

Friends, I’m convinced, convinced, Lucy Parker can do no wrong. Her London Celebrities series is funny, endearing and emotional all at once, and I’m always eagerly awaiting her next book. (Next up is Headliners, and you’ll get all the details about it here, because I’m part of the blog tour!) The Austen Playbook was yet another fantastic addition to the series that made excellent use of the enemies to lovers trope, and swept me off my feet completely. The story centers around Freddie, an actress, who is currently working on a play that’s plot is decided by the audience as the actors are performing it. I love this book and its characters with all my heart, and I highly recommend the series to anyone and everyone, especially if y’all like rom-coms.

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by Mhairi McFarlane

Don’t You Forget About Me was my first book by McFarlane, and I’m pretty sure it won’t be my last. It’s an emotional, beautiful little novel that made me feel so much for Georgina, the heroine. As a teen, Georgina went through something horrific and she can’t help but feel like those events are at least partially responsible for her problems in life. She is forced to revisit her past when she meets Lucas, her slightly awkward high school sweetheart, now a swoon-worthy man who wants nothing to do with her. Don’t You Forget About Me was a cute novel, but more than that, it was a heavy look into how one’s past can influence their life well into the years.
(highlight under this line for a trigger warning!)

TW: graphic description of sexual assault

by Talia Hibbert

Man, 2019 was a good year for romance, and nothing proves this clearer than that it was the year one of my all time favorite romance authors – Talia Hibbert – was traditionally published by Avon. Get a Life, Chloe Brown is the first in her new series, and I’m eagerly awaiting future additions to it, as well as anything else she will publish in the future. Anyhoo, Get a Life, Chloe Brown tells the story of chronically ill Chloe who, after going through a near-death experience, creates a get a life list, and asks for guidance from her hot, single neighbor. It’s a funny and cute novel that dives into deep topics as well, and that deserves all the love in the world.
TW: abusive partner

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by Tessa Dare

At this point I’m convinced that Tessa Dare, one of the reigning queens of historical romance, can do no wrong. Her novels always feel like a warm hug – they are vivid, humorous and charming reads that are always a pleasure to read. The Wallflower Wager sees us arrive to professional pet-collector Penny’s story, who is forced to pair up with Gabriel, her new neighbor, to find loving homes for her beloved animals. This book is filled with so many laugh-out-loud scenes that I couldn’t count them, and will cheer you up in no time.
TW: sexual assault

by Roni Loren

The Ones Who Got Away series is such a fun, wholesome experience that keeps breaking my heart but always pieces it back together by the end of each book. The first novel centers around Liv who, after being traumatized by the high school shooting she went through, never expected to return to her home town. Now, more than ten years later, she is back for a documentary and so is her high school boyfriend, Finn, who she’s never managed to forget. Each book features different main characters – although the four female leads of the series are close friends, so they appear in each others’ books – and all three books are excellent.

by Talia Hibbert

Talia Hibbert’s first venture into M/M romance was, obviously, excellent. She’s given so much thought and care to these two characters – charismatic Olu and gruff, shy Griff – and made me adore them from the first page. After going through a traumatic experience, Olu is scared of people using him and disregarding his privacy, and, in an attempt to rediscover himself, decides to join in on a small town harvest. There he meets soft-hearted Griff who, despite being one of the loveliest people, is the town outcast, which confuses and angers Olu, who finds himself caring more and more for the kind-hearted man. It’s a sweet and emotional read that comes highly recommended from me.

by Jen DeLuca

Well Met is such a wholesome, cute novel – I keep using the same handful of adjectives in this post, but argh, bear with me – and I’ve been gently pushing it at all my friends who enjoy romance. It centers around Emily who goes to live with her sister, April, to help her recover after her accident. Emily joins the local Renaissance fair with her niece, and is immediately put off by the main organizer, Simon. You guys, it was impossible not to love this incredible enemies to lovers novel that also offers great family dynamics, as Emily and April are getting to know each other as adults for the first time.

by Alyssa Cole

Y’all, I don’t – or didn’t? – like audiobooks, but when I heard about The A.I. Who Loved Me by Alyssa Cole, a novel released only as an audible exclusive (at least for now), I knew I had to make an exception. Alyssa Cole is one of my favorite authors, and The A.I. Who Loved Me is a fun mix of sci-fi and romantic comedy that 1000% made chores bearable. It follows Trinity who starts to fall for her slightly weird new neighbor, Li Wei, without realizing that he is, in fact, a robot. I expected to be charmed by the story and characters – which, yes, I was – but I was surprised by how, well, surprising the novel got towards the end. I adored the big reveal, and I can’t wait to get more like this (or, really, anything) by Alyssa Cole.

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by Cindy Pon

I’ve raved about the Want duology quite a few times on the blog, and yet, I still feel the need to (gently) shout, “please, read this, friends!” Throughout these two novels Cindy Pon takes her readers on a vivid, but mortifying journey into a highly polluted world where only the rich are able to purchase full body suits, aka the only thing that will filter the air you breath. Poor people tend to die young due to respiratory diseases and massive chunks of the world are controlled by rich businessmen, including the man behind the creation of said body suits. It’s a brutal look into a possible version of the future that feels especially scary in today’s world.

by Fonda Lee

I’ve always been more or less reluctant to read high fantasy, particularly adult high fantasy. These books are so long, so intimidating that it takes a lot of courage (for me) to pick them up. After hearing loads and loads of praise for the Greenbone Saga, however, I’ve set out to read Jade City and Jade War, and friends, it is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. These books are intricate, richly written and they pack so many surprises that I could barely put them down. I was engrossed, more engrossed than I’ve been in a long time, and I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend giving the series a chance.

by Rebecca Schaeffer

The Market of Monsters series is one I’ve mentioned a lot of times on the blog, because it’s one of my all time favorites at this point. The series centers around Nita, a girl who dissects supernatural beings’ bodies so the family can sell the body parts on the black market. It’s a dark, gory series, filled with morally gray characters who are incredibly complex and vivid. I loved the characters, the world, and all the twists and turns of the plot Schaeffer gave us, and I would highly recommend the series to anyone who enjoys fantasy at all.

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by N. K. Jemisin

I’ve read many-many books, so – even though tons and tons stand out each year – it’s rare when I can say with certainty that a novel is unlike anything else I’ve read before. This time, though, I can safely make that claim. The Fifth Season is in a class of its own – it’s a dense, complex high fantasy that’s effortlessly diverse (the poly-amorous relationship that was simply accepted without anyone frowning upon it? 😭 BEAUTIFUL.) and just so darn enjoyable. Jemisin’s writing is perfect; she makes the world and characters come to life. I was so wholly engrossed in the novel and the characters and I can’t wait to read everything else by the author.

by Jennifer L. Armentrout

I was a huge fan of the Lux series, but Armentrout really outdid herself with the Origin novels so far. The Darkest Star and The Burning Shadow are even more entertaining than the Lux novels, and they are certainly more twisty. The Burning Shadow in particular served me surprise after surprise and kept me on the edge of my seat all through. Oh, and the romance is so damn precious!? I adore Evie and Luc – both individually and as a couple – and it was a pleasure to see the gradual growth of their relationship.

by Ilona Andrews

I debated putting this series in the romance section because it is paranormal romance, however, the authors created such an intriguing, unique magic system that it deserved a nod in the fantasy section. Private investigator Nevada is forced to team up with Rogan when she is tasked with the impossible mission of bringing in a powerful magic user. Their attraction is palpable, but it takes a lot for these two to get to the point where they can enter into a relationship, and I loved how the romance was slow-burn but still a pretty strong part of the series from the start.

let’s chat!

Did you have a good reading year? Was your first or second half of 2019 better? What were your favorite books of the whole of, or the second half of 2019? Have you read any I mentioned?

17 thoughts on “The Best Reads of the Second Half of 2019

  1. The Ones Who Got Away series is one that I really got hooked on. I’m actually reading the 4th (and final?) book right now. It’s Kincaid’s story and I’m so excited to be diving in to it! Well Met was one of my big surprises this year. I listened to it on audio and totally fell in love with it! And The Burning Shadow… so much love for the Origin series!!

    Tanya @ Girl Plus Books

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Same about The Ones Who Got Away – I binged the first three books, and I adored them. Can’t wait to read the 4th, hope you’re enjoying it! Well Met is SO ADORABLE – it made me feel all the feels, and the whole faire theme was unique and interesting. After The Burning Shadow, i don’t know how we are supposed to wait for the final book… this series is so addictive.


  2. Contemporary romance for the win! Seems like you either read a lot more, or the quality of the books was just better. It’s one my favorite genres, I read 5 on your list. Love Parker’s books! That Roni Loren series was a hit for me. I cannot wait for more Well Met books. Ditto for the Brown Sisters. And I did enjoy the McFarlane book. It was my first by her, and I know I will read more. You know I adored Have a Little Faith in Me, even featured it as one of my Best of 2019 yesterday. I am eager to see how Hartl follows that up

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I’ve definitely been super-into contemporary romance this year, and discovered so many incredible novels and authors + there were a lot of exciting romance releases. πŸ™‚ Parker is INCREDIBLE, I’ve just finished Headliners, and I’m in love with it. I need more Well Met and Brown Sisters books!! Have A Little Faith In Me is so special to me, I’m so excited for Hartl’s future works, she’s a fantastic writer.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. You did tell me Have a Little Faith was going to make another appearance, and lo and behold here it is πŸ˜‰ I am happy to see ones on my TBR like The Fifth Season, Get a Life Chloe Brown and Jade War on this list. I have read other books by Mhairi McFarlane before and I absolutely loved each and every one, so I cannot wait to get to her latest. Undead Girl Gang is on my tbr too and I will be trying a Riley Sager book next year πŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Omg I somehow forgot Have a Little Faith in Me on my list holy CRAP. I need to somehow shove someone else off because YES I loved that book so much! I think because my laptop was freezing, which is just more proof that I must invest in a new one hah. Also LOVED The Last Word! It came so close to making my list! Glad you had so many good reads!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Ahh it seems like you had a great second half of the year, reading wise, so many favorites! I added Have a little faith in me to my TBR because of you a little while ago and I am SO pumped to read it, I hope to do so soon πŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Yay I love reading these posts and you found so many favourites which is always a great feeling!!
    I definitely would like to try out more anthologies as I haven’t’ had much luck with them yet so I’m glad to see two on your list!!
    Get a life, Chloe Brown sounds like a great story and I have been wanting to check it out myself so I’m glad you enjoyed it!!
    Jade City and The Fifth Season are very high on my TBR so I hope I can get to them soon. They both sound amazing!
    And you’ve brought some other fantasies to my attention. Market of Monsters sounds really interesting!!
    I hope 2020 is another great reading year!! Great post!! ❀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hadn’t had a ton of luck with anthologies before these, so I was surprised by how much I adored them. Definitely recommended. πŸ™‚
      Market of Monsters is SO GOOD, and deserves so much more love than it’s gotten. It’s gritty and dark and has the most complex, morally gray characters, but I felt like the publisher didn’t really put in any effort into its marketing. 😦
      Thank you! πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

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