Recently Released Movies I’ve Seen

Comfy seats, friends, popcorn, nachos, coca cola and sweets – these are just some of the things I love the most about the cinema.

There’s something so fun in seeing movies on the big screen, especially in Hungarian theaters which aren’t known for being particularly crowded. I don’t know about other countries, but if you are able to wait about a week to watch the movie, you’ll likely have no more than ten people in the room with you. Obviously, there are exceptions – like highly hyped movies – but generally, you’ll be able to talk and laugh with your friends without anyone shushing you.

The past few weeks had brought me three movies I was highly excited for, two hyped ones and one less known one, and of course I just had to see all of them at the theaters.

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Look, I had my doubts going into this movie, especially after hearing about Tarantino butchering Bruce Lee’s portrayal, but my friend and I were both curious, and… *shrug* so we went. Well, they do say curiosity killed the cat, and mate, that’s an apt description of what happened to us. We were sat there, like:

gif: a woman with a confused/what the fuck look

I feel weird shit-talking Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood, because it’s been incredibly well-received, and I don’t want to seem like I don’t understand “art“, but by god, I could not stand this movie. It was too long, too boring, too aimless, and I ultimately felt like I wasted nearly three hours of my life.

It wasn’t all bad, though! At first I was pretty interested in the career problems of the main character, played by DiCaprio, but that didn’t really lead up to anything concrete. This, by the way, is a pretty good description of the whole movie – it all feels very inconclusive. There are lots of interesting threads and characters, but neither the journey, nor the destination impressed me. The last approx. twenty minutes and the few scenes I found entertaining couldn’t possible make up for this, which means that Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood falls into the disappointment category.

Rating: 5/10

Ready or Not

I went to watch Ready or Not with mid-level expectations. To sum it up, I thought it’d be entertaining, but it’d ultimately fail to leave a huge impression on me – boy, was I wrong! Ready or Not is pure, mindless entertainment for those who can handle gore, and I was immersed in this story from the first minute until the last.

Despite how straight-forward the story seems at first – husband’s family is hunting down his new wife as a game, for yet unknown reasons – it packed quite a few punches, and it managed to me keep me invested all through. Yes, the plot is predictable, but it never takes itself too seriously, and so even the predictable and ridiculously silly scenes are fun to watch.

Despite being a horror comedy, the characters are solid – not terribly complex, no, but they are certainly enjoyable to watch. Our main character, Grace is particularly well-crafted, so I had an easy time rooting for her. This is probably the reason why I was 1000% invested all through – survival movies aren’t my cup of tea, but in this worked really-really well for me.

Rating: 9/10

It: Chapter 2

Before I start dragging it, let me be fair to It: Chapter 2 – this is an okay movie, with some damned good actors, fun and freaky scenes, and I (mostly) enjoyed watching it. Also, a fun fact: I went with a huge Stephen King fan, and she liked the movie far more than I did, so take my review with a grain of salt.

My first problem is that the trailer showed too much – it kept the plot hidden well enough, but it showed us some of the best scenes of the movie. For me Pennywise is, without a doubt, the best part of these movies, and nearly all of his scenes were shown in the trailer. This, of course, reduced the creepiness of the film, which is far from ideal in a horror movie.

To be frank, the first movie wasn’t particularly scary (to me) either – it had a few chilling scenes, of course, but it couldn’t hold a candle to horror movies I was actually scared of. Even so, It: Chapter 1 became an instant favorite because of the characters, their humor and the wonderful friendship between them. Somewhere along the way, though, the story lost its charm – the second movie didn’t deliver the same way the first did, and I found myself not quite loving the characters, or their friendship as much as I did back when they were kids.

Finally, I want to take a moment to mention my concerns and problems with the gay representation of the film. The movie opens with two men in a relationship having fun and discussing their future when they are verbally and physically assaulted by a bunch of anti-lgbtq+ folk. It’s a brutal scene – one I had to look away from – and I don’t believe it was necessary to include in the movie. I’ve heard that there’s more to this scene, to the anti-lgbtq+ hatred of the town in the book, but because that never made it into the movie, this scene should have been changed as well, in my opinion.

To make matters better, or perhaps worse, one of the main male characters is revealed to be attracted to men, but this is treated “dirty secret” (an actual quote from Pennywise). As the movie takes place in the 2010s, I feel this could and should have been better handled, and I wasn’t impressed by this representation. (Note: this character is not gay in the book, this was added by the creators of the movie.) Don’t let me convince you, though – here’s a positive take on the rep, and here’s a negative one.

Rating: 6/10

Do you like going to the cinema, or would you rather watch a movie at home? Have you seen any of these movies? What did you think about the lgbtq+ rep in It: Chapter 2?

16 thoughts on “Recently Released Movies I’ve Seen

  1. I really want to see Once Upon a Time in Hollywood! I really do like Tarantino movies, despite the fact that I’m not crazy about him as a person. I feel as if I might enjoy it, but almost three hours is a long time! Not sure if my attention span is that long, especially for what I assume is not one of his more action packed movies.

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    1. I really love some of his stuff – Kill Bill and The Hateful Eight especially – but this didn’t really work for me. It might work better for you, though – a friend who loves Tarantino loved this too. I’m going to be honest, though, with the exception of the last 20-30 mins it is pretty slow-moving.


  2. I recently went to It Chapter 2, and agree, it wasn’t nearly as good. I also mainly went because watching horror films with my brother is far more entertaining then just watching a horror film, lol.
    – Emma 🙂

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  3. Love these reviews! I need to see all of these movies still! Once Upon A Time in Hollywood isn’t particularly interesting to me though, and your review confirmed that I don’t need to see it anytime soon. And I get how you feel about It not being very scary—it seemed more like a comedy than a horror movie to me 😂.
    That’s unfortunate that It Chapter 2 failed to represent the LGBT community appropriately. You’d think that for being such a big production they’d at least get that right.

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    1. Thank you! 🙂 Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is one I definitely wouldn’t rec, the other two were both much better, even if It 2 was a disappointment. I fully agree with you on It being more comedy than horror – it does have some creepy-ish scenes, but especially if you aren’t scared of clowns it won’t affect you, imo.

      I know, right!? And they were so proud of this rep, and I think it’s just very disappointing.

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  4. I missed Once Upon A Time in Hollywood but I don’t think it’s a movie I will enjoy for plot either, maybe for the actors and the cinematography but the plot did seem pointless. I enjoyed It Chapter 2, I think it’s very entertaining that even my friend who’s really scared ended up laughing in some parts. I agree about the LGBTQ+ rep being bad; I also heard that it was explained more in detail in the book so if they want to keep the scene, then they should’ve keep the explanation too.

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    1. The plot IS pointless, haha. Before we went to see it my friend said she was curious, because she “couldn’t figure out what it’s exactly going to be about from the trailer” – this should have been a sign. If the trailer seems plotless, the movie will likely be too, haha. I heard that about the book, too, and I definitely think they should have either kept that explanation, or simply should have changed the scene. It wasn’t a bad movie, but I expected more, I guess.


  5. I think the thing that I wish I’d known before going into Once Upon A Time in Hollywood was that it was based on real events, but had fictional MCs and an alternate ending. I was so confused because I know the basics of Sharon Tate and Charles Manson’s story, but the Leo and Brad characters weren’t real. It’s got this strange hyper reality thing going on that, once I figured out what was happening, I actually enjoyed a little. But yes, I agree that it was quite confusing!!

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    1. Going into the movie, I thought it’d be a recreation of the Manson murders, so I was also very surprised by the ending. I also know people here in Hungary who went to watch it without knowing anything about Charles Manson, and boy, were they confused! I’m glad you enjoyed the movie somewhat. 🙂

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  6. I haven’t really felt like watching Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and from your review it sounds like I am definitely not missing out. I hadn’t heard of Ready or Not before, but I like a good horror comedy so maybe I should try that one! I haven’t watched It yet, so I need to watch that before I get to the second chapter… but I am also trying to read it before I try the movies.

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    1. Yeah, I don’t think you’re missing out with Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, sadly. Ready or Not I definitely recommend, it was super-entertaining! Haha, I thought of reading It, but I’ve read three books by Stephen King, and didn’t fully LOVE either of them, so I thought I shouldn’t bother with such a looong one.

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  7. I want to see Ready or Not just because it seems like pure silly fun haha. I’ll wait for it to come to streaming/rental though! I saw It: Chapter 2 and really didn’t like it. Granted, I didn’t really like the first one either. I just find it so laughable when it seems like it’s TRYING to take itself seriously. Unlike what I expect from Ready or Not – which is a movie that KNOWS its silly and rolls with it haha

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    1. Ready Or Not is charming because it’s so silly and, like you expect, doesn’t take itself too seriously. I think you’ll enjoy that. 😀 I agree about It – the first I actually thought they nailed the humor + scary parts (which weren’t really scary), mostly because I enjoyed the plot. The second movie, though, fell apart; the timing of the jokes was terrible, and even when major things were revealed – like the fact that they couldn’t remember anything after leaving town – they didn’t land right? I was just not at all invested. 😦


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