Life Updates and Saying Goodbye

This is a harder post to write than I (Clare) had anticipated. In my time at Wordy & Whimsical (and The Regal Critiques before we moved) I’ve learned so much about blogging – and working with others. And I have absolutely loved being a part of this wonderful team. Unfortunately, and outside of my control, rather a lot is happening in my personal life and I’ve taken the decision to step back from blogging for the time being.

I will always love this blog and will continue to support Vera and Ruzi as much as possible but being active and consistently posting is just not something I can do at the moment. With that said I thought I’d share some of my favourite things about my time here.

Having an Awesome Support Team

Obviously Vera and Ruzi are the ultimate blogging partners and I’m so incredibly lucky to have them. The way I used to format posts before The Regal Critiques/Wordy and Whimsical was worlds of difference away from here and they were so patient with my (many) mistakes and helped me learn so much about how to make posts look incredible. I’ll be honest, I’m still not great at some parts (Vera made my awesome header for example) but I really feel like I’ve evolved as a blogger since being a part of this team and that’s amazing.

Everyone’s Passionate Comments

This is something that’s true of every blog I’ve been on but it’s so wonderful to me how passionate the book community is. Whether commenters agree with our views or not we have such respectful and interesting conversations in the comments and it’s such a pleasure to read through, always. So basically, thank you for being the best blogging community.

Joint Posts

We actually had a few more collaboration ideas in the works and, since it breaks my heart to think of them not happening, I’d definitely be up for coming back just for those posts. Because fun fact – working on a post with someone else is twice the fun. Obviously we all talk about books a lot off the blog as well, but sharing our opinions in a shared post or review is just so satisfying and makes blogging feel less lonely than it can be. I honestly can’t imagine ever blogging alone.

Being Introduced to Books

There are so many times when I’ve picked up a book thanks to one of my co-bloggers, or thanks to a comment on a post and absolutely loved it. Often these are books I’d never have heard of otherwise or would just not have considered reading, since it didn’t seem my type of thing. Most recently Vera and I did a post about books way outside our comfort zone and whilst not all of the books worked for me it was a lot of fun challenging myself and I did find a couple of the books to be way more my type than I expected. I never would have done that without the blog and it’s something I hope I’ll continue to do in my reading.

Finally, I just want to say goodbye and thank you for the incredible time I’ve had blogging with first The Regal Critiques and now Wordy & Whimsical. I wish Vera and Ruzi all the best for the future and I can’t wait to see every wonderful new post! Love you guys!

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