Change it Up: Cover Changes We Love and Hate

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No matter how many times I’m told not to judge a book by its cover I find its impossible not to! I am a shameless cover lover and have (on multiple occasions) gone out of my way to get a specific cover of a book. So you can bet that cover changes either delight or horrify me – luckily Vera’s the same and so we have collected some of our favourite (and least favourite) cover changes for today’s post.


(1-2) Uprooted and Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik

Uprooted and Spinning Silver have some of the prettiest covers I’ve ever seen – I love their US + UK hardback version as well as their paperback edition, and would genuinely love to own them all. A lot of the times Hungarian publishers buy already existing covers, but as far as I know these two were designed specifically for the Hungarian editions, and oh my, they are a feast for the eyes, and they are even prettier in real life.

(3) Historical Romance Series by Lisa Kleypas

I loved Lisa Kleypas’ romance novels so darn much, and I cannot believe the injustice that was done to them. The original cover of Devil in Winter is a bit meh as it is – but it’s an older novel, first published in 2006, so it’s easy to overlook that. The Hungarian version, however, has no excuse as it was published in 2016. One of my friends originally brought the first three novels in the series, because she thought it’d be dystopian – I’m…… 😂

Devil in Spring, the third book in The Ravenels series, fared a bit better, but it still looks very cheap, especially compared to the original. Not to mention that the publisher made the decision to write 4/1, 4/2, 4/3, 4/4 on the books… when it’s always been clear that the series will continue for more than four books (the fifth book came out earlier this year in the US.) I’m all around baffled by these designs.

(4) The Hating Game by Sally Thorne

The Hating Game (that’s the UK cover on the left side, and my favorite!) received one of the worst Hungarian covers I’ve ever seen. It looks cheap, doesn’t really connect to the story, and is just painful to look at. One of my friends heard about THG when the Hungarian pub date was announced, and she was very excited… but lost that excitement when she saw that cover. We all try to not judge books by their covers but that’s fucking atrocious, I’m sorry, but it is. 😂

(5) Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor.

Strange the Dreamer is quite baffling, because they had three good covers to choose from – more, I assume, if we’d look at international versions – and then did that. With the gold dripping it resembles the cover of Carve the Mark, which is not a good comparison, imo. Also, the other three have a sort of dream like quality to them, which is completely missing from the Hungarian cover, and that’s a pity.


I’m usually not a fan of covers with people on them but the original cover of The Kiss Quotient really called to me. The UK cover isn’t bad necessarily it just doesn’t look as instantly recognisable or as immediately appealing. The original cover has so many plot references on it and makes me think “cute romance” whilst the UK one seems to be trying just a bit too hard. Also believe it or not I have only just noticed the faces on the UK cover and I hate it.

This is a cover change that I can fully get behind. I bought this book from the author at YALC and it was pre-cover change so I actually own the cover on the left but the new cover so much more accurately fits the actual story. Don’t get me wrong the original cover is striking and it definitely caught my attention enough for me to go check it out. But it also fully gave me the wrong idea about what kind of story it would be. I was expecting safari, maybe survival. But nope. Dystopian. If you can honestly look at the original cover and say it screams dystopian then I don’t even know. The new cover on the other hand, still looks kinda more historical with the latin but I can see dystopian in there too.

I don’t even know what to tell you. On the left we have the minimalist and striking American cover. And on the right we have the weird B-movie nonsense cover that the shops around me in the UK have. So yeah I order all my copies of this series online because there is no way I could read that book on the right and take it seriously. I mean, what is even going on there. It’s like Michael Bay directed a book cover for some reason.

I actually still don’t own a copy of Trial By Fire because my ridiculous cover-loving brain refuses to buy any copy except the one on the left. I love the aesthetic and the colours and its so striking and memorable. And then the UK cover is just… bland? Nice touch with the flame colours I’m sure but I feel like I instantly forget this cover the second I look away. Whereas I am still trying very hard to find a copy of the left cover since it seems to have gone out of print and isn’t available anywhere over here. And yes I could be missing out on an amazing story because of my weird cover preferences. At least I’m self aware?

OK so the left cover isn’t my favourite cover of all time. BUT it does look like a murder mystery, yes? I mean there is a dead body right there on the cover. You know what you’re getting with this cover. Some drama, some murder, some scandal (hello red ribbon). And then you have cover number 2 which I’m not gonna lie, makes me think “erotica”. Not that erotica is bad but it is super not what you’re getting here and if you go in looking for that hot hot romance and instead get a serial killer. Well I can imagine you wouldn’t be thrilled.

Let’s chat!

Do you have any strong cover preferences? Have you ever like me gone out of your way for a specific cover of a book you wanted? And do you agree with our opinions here, or do you actually love some of the covers we don’t?

11 thoughts on “Change it Up: Cover Changes We Love and Hate

  1. It’s also really weird that in all the Strange the Dreamer covers on the left, the insect is a moth, but on the right they changed it to a butterfly… uh, why would they do that?


  2. I do appreciate a good book cover, but I don’t typically go out of the way to get a different cover if I don’t like the one that is immediately available, especially if I’ve been waiting to get my hands on a particular book! On your list, I love all the Naomi Novik covers! Here is my Top Ten Tuesday.


  3. Oh my, the Hungarian covers for the Kleypas series are just not good. Ugh. And same for The Hating Game cover. Too bad because the UK cover is so cute! I think the original Kiss Quotient cover is so adorable! The UK cover isn’t bad… it just doesn’t hold a candle to the original.:)


  4. It’s so interesting how different the covers are from region to region. My favorites are usually the UK and US covers. So, maybe there is something to appealing to the local audience.


  5. Great picks, both of you! I feel like we’re all so, so, SO guilty of judging books by their covers but it’s really hard not to. The aesthetic of their designs lead us into a specific mood before reading, you know? (Also, YIKES at that other edition of Trial by Fire. I hadn’t seen it before today. The other designs I’ve seen for it have all been incredibly beautiful so that is disappointing!)


  6. Ohmygosh that Blaze of Memory cover is one of the most awful things I have ever seen. What was the publisher thinking???

    Also, I agree, Vera, I think that is actually the same background used for Carve the Mark… and even though I haven’t read Strange the Dreamer yet it doesn’t feel like it suits the story. And when we can all recognise the background (and the dripping gold, lbh) that is never a good things.

    I have definitely gone out of my way to get a specific cover of a book! Mostly because I want it to match the rest of a series I own.


  7. I like the original Naomi Novik covers the most, but the Historical Fiction romance series definitely got an upgrade! I’m quite indifferent to The Kiss Quotient and Strange the Dreamer changes. But the Hating Game has an awful change! And I don’t really like either of the Trial By Fire ones…


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