Life Updates: Announcements, Milestones and Very, Very Mild Freaking Out

Hello, friends!

It feels like just yesterday that we started blogging over here at Wordy and Whimsical which makes this announcement feel all the more sudden, but I don’t think I can honestly put this off any longer, so: I’m going on hiatus. I can feel you rolling your eyes already if you’ve been following me for long enough because I must admit I do have a tendency to go away on breaks every so often when life gets overwhelming, but there’s just so much happening around me right now that I really, truly feel I need this.

I’ll get back to talking more about what “this” entails in a bit, but I must first clarify that this is solely me and me alone that’s taking a break from all things blogging. Vera will be up to her usual awesomeness here, and *cue drumroll* Clare will be back soon too! So it’s not like you’ll miss me or anything.

Anyhoo, on to all the things I want to say before I go missing for a good month or two! First of all, and this isn’t the most important but it’s a milestone, sort of, and hence: I just turned 25! This 14th, actually. I’ve always been excited about turning 25 for reasons which I’m not very sure of, despite which I’m so looking forward to seeing all life has in store for me. I must admit that I used to think 25 was a pretty reasonable age to expect to have one’s sh*t together…and I most definitely do not have my sh*t together.

However, I do have more exciting news (which might not come as a surprise to you if you’ve been here since our times at The Regal Critiques): I’m getting married in less than a month, in sha Allah! EEEK. And this is hugely why I’m finding it difficult to find time for reading, blogging etc. lately. I’m usually a mess when it comes to things like this because the STRESS omg. So you can imagine how I’m coping now that it’s my wedding and I’m expected to make decisions and plan stuff and what not, on top of ensuring that I look all bride-y and keep a smile plastered on my faceat all times and such. It’s a pain, but it’s a pain I must endure…so yeaaaaah. I still am excited about the wedding itself, though. All the good vibes, please!

Now that that’s out of the way: I recently watched Aladdin and the hype is very much deserved, y’all! Watch it if you haven’t already, I’m pretty, pretty sure you’d love it too! The cast, the soundtrack, it was all just perfect, and it truly was a wonderful experience. And speaking of things I watched and loved- and this one is for the fellow k-drama fans- you simply must watch Angel’s Last Mission: Love and Search: WWW. They’re both honestly so original and I love everything about them. I’ve been wanting to talk about both in a kdrama round-up post for the 2nd quarter of 2019 but since that’s seeming highly unlikely now, this will have to do. But for real, trust me, you need to give them a chance!

I haven’t really been reading all that much lately so I’ll take this as a chance to give a shoutout to my favorite books so far this year: The Bride Test, Ayesha at Last and my most, most favourite- Love From A to Z! (Click on the titles to go to my reviews in case you need further persuasion.)

Well, that’s it, I guess. To sum up, I just turned 25 and am marrying soon, and since I’m awful at dealing with all the things life keeps throwing at me, I’m going on hiatus. Catch you on the flip side! xx

14 thoughts on “Life Updates: Announcements, Milestones and Very, Very Mild Freaking Out

  1. I have to be honest…I was expecting this LOL. I mean, I don’t blame you AT ALL! I just had a feeling that you had too much on your plate right now to find some blogging time.

    Of course I’ll be stalking you on Twitter as usual, in hope that you won’t disappear completely during this couple of months 😉. But even if you do, I’ll be here when you come back!

    All the best for you 25th birthday, and of course, even more for your upcoming wedding! I hope life will grant you all the happiness you deserve. It feels like yesterday that we met via the Summer Blogger Promo Tour, and it’s 4 FRIGGING YEARS already! I’m proud of what you accomplished in these 4 years, and I know you’ll go on being amazing!


  2. Congrats on the upcoming wedding, Ruzaika! Totally get why a hiatus is necessary. Wedding planning can be an extremely stressful process. But I’m sure it’ll all be worth it in the end 🙂


  3. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! I hope you enjoy your blogging hiatus however long it may be, Ruzaika. Thanks for letting us know about it ahead of time.


  4. First off, happy 25th! And congrats on your wedding to be – so happy to hear you’ll be stepping into this new and exciting life stage 🙂 Wish you guys all the best ❤
    I have yet to watch Aladdin but am so hyped about it. Great recs as well, I need to check them out!


  5. Yaaay what a great (and necessary reason) to go on hiatus.

    Don’t stress too much, I know the weeks before the wedding are s t r e s s f u l. Hope you share pics!


  6. I legit let out a loud “AWWWW” and now I have a huge grin on my face and tears in my eyes. Well, that’s an amazing reason to be on hiatus. THIS IS SO EXCITING!!!!!! And, I am so happy for you.


  7. Happy belated birthday!!! And don’t worry about taking a hiatus. We all need a break sometimes. And about you not having your sh*t together–I don’t think anyone really ever feels like they have it all together. And I bet your wedding is going to be BEAUTIFUL. Enjoy it!


  8. I’m still so happy you loved Aladdin, omg!! And awww I’m sad you won’t be doing a kdrama post but ahaha I’m glad to see that Search: WWW made the list – just thinking about this drama gives me so many feels because it’s so perfect. Hope the wedding day ends up being more nervous/exciting than stressful, but dw you’re definitely going to look bride-y and gorgeous! ❤


  9. I always felt like 25 was when I became a ‘real adult’… although, I still don’t feel very real adult-y anyway… But take a great hiatus! You must never feel bad about putting yourself first. We will still be here when you get back, and self-care is the most important thing!! 😘


  10. Have your life together at 25? Yeah, no I’m 28 and my life is not even close to together… but I am attempting to occasionally get adulting right. You’re certainly doing better than me considering you have an upcoming wedding. Enjoy the break sounds like you’ve a lot on your plate so it’s good to take some time and focus on other stuff.


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