Ten of Our Auto-Buy Authors You Should Check Out

Hello friends, and welcome to Wordy and Whimsical! Pleased to see you! *waves* Today, following the day’s TTT topic (hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl) Clare and I brought you five-five authors we adore and whose books we never miss. Get ready, folks, because some awesome recommendations are coming your way.

Vera’s Five:
#1: Kazuo Ishiguro

I read my first Ishiguro novel, The Remains of the Day, in 2018, and I was so engrossed by it that I immediately went on a purchase spree. I haven’t yet gotten all of Ishiguro’s novels, and I’ve only read one other by him – Never Let Me Go – but I’m planning on purchasing every. single. book he’s published, or will publish in the future.

#2: Cat Winters

This was a very obvious pick for me, and I’m not ashamed – I’m a huge Cat Winters fan, and I genuinely am already so excited for whatever she might publish in the future. I’ll admit that I haven’t yet read her newest title, The Raven’s Tale, because I’ve seen some mixed reviews around, and I’m SCARED, but I have it, and I’m going to get to it.

#3: Courtney Milan

Oh man, I love Courtney Milan’s novel to the moon and back – they make me so happy and content, and ah, I’m SO SAD I’ve read every single full-length novel she’s published and most of her novellas, too. She’s an incredibly writer who makes you feel what her characters are feeling, and makes you so invested in her stories.

#4: Holly Black

Ah, how I adore Holly Black’s mind! She comes up with the best concepts and always managed to put a unique twist on any story she is writing. The Cruel Prince, for instance, takes place in the fae world, but it’s decidedly different from other fae books I’ve read. Also, her protagonists tend to be at least a touch bad/morally gray, which is always fun to read. Her middle grade and her graphic novels don’t really interest me, to be honest, but The Modern Faerie Tales series is on my tbr, and I can’t wait to read it. Anything new she writes, goes straight to my wishlist.

#5: Libba Bray

The Gemma Doyle books were, as far as I remember, my first introduction into historical fantasy, and I loved every freaking moment of that series! My love for Libba Bray only grew throughout the years, and I can hardly wait for the final installment of The Diviners. There’s still one novel – Going Bovine – I haven’t read by her, but I own it, and I can’t wait to finally dive into it.

Clare’s Five
#1: Susanna Kearsley

My original auto-buy author basically. She puts out books fairly rarely but they are always amazing and I re-read them over and over. If you like romance and history and split time novels then I highly recommend her books. I’m already impatiently waiting for whatever she writes next!

#2: Simone St. James

I first discovered Simone St James through a giveaway and its still the best book giveaway I’ve ever won (except maybe that time I was five and won all the animal farm books?). She was such a wonderful discovery to make. I love all things spooky and she hits the perfect balance (for me) that’s just short of proper scaring me but still makes it hard to read at night.

#3: Alice Oseman

I first read Solitaire by Alice Oseman after finding it in the recommended section at Waterstones (college Clare’s second home) and from there I just automatically click buy on everything and anything she puts out. Graphic novels included although they aren’t a format I read often. AND I got to meet her at YALC which was just incredibly exciting for me.

#4: Lisa Kleypas

Easily my favourite romance author. I swear her books get even better with every new release. The Wallflowers series is my favourite romance series of all time and I re-read it maybe twice a year. Romance authors tend to release books a lot so this definitely isn’t an auto-buy my bank account appreciates but you know what? Totally worth every penny.

#5: Rick Riordan

You may know this about me but I am wildly into Greek mythology. I studied Classics at college and there is this tiny part of me that cant read the Percy Jackson books without turning into studying somehow. But mostly I just appreciate how much fun Riordan makes every mythology and how effortlessly he writes for young readers. I wish I’d grown up reading Riordan but I’m so glad I can still read his books now.

Let’s chat!

Who are YOUR auto-buy authors? Rec us all your faves! Have you read any of ours? Do you plan to?

16 thoughts on “Ten of Our Auto-Buy Authors You Should Check Out

  1. Holly Black and Alice Oseman are both on my auto-buy list.
    Solitaire is SUCH an underrated read!! Everyone always talks about Radio Silence, but I thought Solitaire was better.
    Also, I can’t wait til you read The Modern Faerie Tales trilogy, Vera!! I always tell people to read Tithe, Valiant, Ironside, The Darkest Part of the Forest, The Cruel Prince, The Wicked King, in that order before The Queen of Nothing comes out, because the cross-over characters and world events are amazing when you can see how they influence events in other books. Black is a MASTER!!


  2. I JUST read The Cruel Prince and I really liked it! I can see why Holly Black makes your auto-buy list. And Rick Riordan is one of my auto-buys, too. Everything he writes makes me so nostalgic and I laugh more reading his books than any others. Love this post idea!


  3. I’ve enjoyed a few by Holly Black but I don’t consider her an auto-buy author. I loved her take on vampirism in The Coldest Girl in Coldtown and the Fae in The Folk of the Air but there have been others that didn’t really interest me.


  4. I’m very intrigued to try Kazuo Ishiguro books. Heard many good things about them. And Libba Bray as well 🙂
    My auto-buy authors are Katherine Arden, Dan Brown, Gillian Flynn, Chloe Benjamin (and some others 😀 )


  5. I only read Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro and I absolutely adored it, I need to read more of the author’s work for sure, I can’t wait 🙂 and YES AHH I am so happy to see Alice Oseman on this list, I love everything she writes and really can’t wait to read everything she will ever write 🙂


  6. I’d say my auto-buy authors would be Juliet Marillier, Leigh Bardugo, Alexandra Christo, Adrienne Young, Marie Rutkoski, and quite a few more I’m forgetting ^^’
    I’m not all that familiar with your choices here but I’m definitely intrigued to explore some of them! Great post, girls 🙂 ❤


  7. Going Bovine was THE BEST BOOK I read in all of 2014. I still regularly think about it 5 years later! Holly Black, Lisa Kleypas, and Courtney Milan would all have definitely qualified for my autobuy authors. Tithe (and the rest of the series) basically define what I consider true fae tales and Kleypas and Milan have delightfully feminist premises. (Also a f/f novella in the mix there which makes me SO HAPPY!!)


  8. You have a good mix of auto buy authors here. I’m slowly getting Lisa Kleypas on the auto buy list, I’m working my way through her releases so very slowly and I’ve enjoyed them so far. And Holly Black is an auto buy author with me still struggling through her backlist. So many good books!


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