Getting Wordy: For the Love of Contemporary

In recent times, I’ve found myself choosing contemporary over pretty much any genre when it comes to reading (and movies etc. too, to be very honest). Give me two books, and I’d no doubt pick the one that’s most relatable to me- and for things to be relatable, I need for them to be set in a time and place I can think of myself in…realistically. Familiarity is key.

Not for a lack of imagination, though you may very well argue so, but I find it far easier to empathize with characters in a narrative set in the current times than ones in any kind of fantasy setting. Fantasy often takes a lot of time to set things up, whereas this is not the case in contemporary where you can, more often than not, dive right into things and get to the meat of the story. i’m vehemently against those that say contemporary lack the kind of effort it takes to conjure up a fantasy world. While the world-building itself may not be as intricate, I feel contemporary allows the author (and reader) explore topics in a much better and detailed way than fantasy, where a lot of page space is given to setting things up and ensuring it’s adhered to throughout the book.

Generally speaking, I consider reading a hobby, and anything that takes a lot of headspace immediately feels like a chore- and fantasy sure has the tendency to feel so. Reading should primarily be, well, fun for me and I don’t usually have the time and energy to waste on waiting to start enjoying something when I could very well do so in the first couple of pages when I pick up a contemporary book. Complicated plot lines, so many characters that you legit need to keep turning back pages to get them straight in your head and unnecessary descriptions of the quality of air in some fancy utopia…nope. Fantasy also usually end up being longer books, which again, #whohasthetimeandenergy??

This was not always the case, though. There were times when I would read a healthy mix of both, but with time (and with me finding lesser and lesser time to read for pleasure), I’ve found myself picking contemporary books over and over and over again. I know this is not the case with many readers, including most of my blogger friends here, and I must admit it gets a tad lonely sometimes, feeling like a muggle when everyone’s screaming about the next new fantasy series coming up, but I find comfort in the fact that hey, at least I’m happy reading what makes me happy, right? That has to count for something.

Any contemporary lovers like me out there? Or are you on Team Fantasy? Either way, no judgments here! Let’s talk about why you read what you read and what you think of my reading preferences in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “Getting Wordy: For the Love of Contemporary

  1. I always feel like the lonely contemporary reader out there. I mean, there are a ton of contemporary romance readers, but not as many contemporary YA readers. I like the was of them. SFF books demand a lot more from me – learning the world and magic, pronouncing the names, etc, and sometimes I enjoy that, but mostly I read for entertainment and to relax. Contemporaries give that to me.


  2. I feel you. I think I’ve been reading way more contemporary of late and although I still love fantasy, it is harder for me to get into. There is a lot more information to process with a fantasy read, more worldbuilding and you have to get your head around things. but when a fantasy is done well, it’s utterly magical to be sucked into this whole new world and I love that feeling.


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